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2005A reconfigurable instruction memory hierarchy for embedded systemsGe, Z.; Lim, H.B.; Wong, W.F. 
2012A viscoelastic chitosan-modified three-dimensional porous poly(L-lactide-co-ε-Caprolactone) scaffold for cartilage tissue engineeringLi, C.; Wang, L.; Yang, Z. ; Kim, G.; Chen, H.; Ge, Z.
1-Oct-2013Cells behave distinctly within sponges and hydrogels due to differences of internal structureZhang, J.; Yang, Z. ; Li, C.; Dou, Y.; Li, Y.; Thote, T.; Wang, D.-A.; Ge, Z.
2007DRIM: A low power dynamically reconfigurable instruction memory hierarchy for embedded systemsGe, Z.; Wong, W.-F. ; Lim, H.-B.
Sep-2012Functional biomaterials for cartilage regenerationGe, Z.; Li, C.; Heng, B.C.; Cao, G.; Yang, Z. 
1-Feb-2012Improved mesenchymal stem cells attachment and in vitro cartilage tissue formation on chitosan-modified poly(l-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone) scaffoldYang, Z. ; Wu, Y. ; Li, C.; Zhang, T.; Zou, Y.; Hui, J.H.P.; Ge, Z.; Lee, E.H.
2007Modification of sericin-free silk fibers for ligament tissue engineering applicationLiu, H. ; Ge, Z.; Wang, Y.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Toh, S.L. ; Sutthikhum, V.
Dec-2011Observation of tunable two-photon induced excited-state and three-photon absorption phenomena by structure in oligomerfluorene derivativesOuyang, X.; Huo, Y.; Lu, L.; Ge, Z.; Ji, W. 
Aug-2012Synthesis, tunable two and three-photon absorption properties of triazine derivatives by branchesZeng, S.; Ouyang, X.; Zeng, H.; Ji, W. ; Ge, Z.