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Nov-2007A 6-DOF haptic interface and its applications in CADGao, Z.; Gibson, I. 
Dec-2002A concise process technology for 3-D suspended radio frequency micro-inductors on silicon substrateLiang, Y.C. ; Zeng, W.; Ong, P.H.; Gao, Z.; Cai, J.; Balasubramanian, N.
1-Jul-2011Acidity and porosity modulation of MWW type zeolites for Nopol production by Prins condensationWang, J.; Jaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Hua, W.; Yue, Y.; Gao, Z.
2005An ultrasensitive protein array based on electrochemical enzyme immunoassayLe, V.D. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Xie, F.; Yang, Z.; Gao, Z.
Jul-2011Application of least-square estimation in white-light scanning interferometryMa, S.; Quan, C. ; Zhu, R.; Tay, C.J. ; Chen, L.; Gao, Z.
2012Block-sparse RPCA for consistent foreground detectionGao, Z.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Shan, M.
2012Confident and consistent partial learning of recursive functionsGao, Z.; Stephan, F. 
Apr-2007Electrocatalytic oxidation of guanine, guanosine, and guanosine monophosphateXie, H.; Yang, D. ; Heller, A.; Gao, Z.
Jun-2006Haptic sculpting of multi-resolution B-spline surfaces with shaped toolsGao, Z.; Gibson, I. 
Dec-2010Haptically integrated simulation of a finite element model of thoracolumbar spine combining offline biomechanical response analysis of intervertebral discsHuynh, K.T.; Gao, Z.; Gibson, I. ; Lu, W.F. 
2012Learnability of co-r.e. classesGao, Z.; Stephan, F. 
2012Learning families of closed sets in matroidsGao, Z.; Stephan, F. ; Wu, G.; Yamamoto, A.
15-May-2011Micro-profile measurement based on windowed Fourier transform in white-light scanning interferometryMa, S.; Quan, C. ; Zhu, R.; Tay, C.J. ; Chen, L.; Gao, Z.
2013On conservative learning of recursively enumerable languagesGao, Z.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
Aug-2011Pandemic response lessons from influenza H1N1 2009 in AsiaFisher, D. ; Hui, D.S.; Gao, Z.; Lee, C.; Oh, M.-D.; Cao, B.; Hien, T.T.; Patlovich, K.; Farrar, J.
2013Partial learning of recursively enumerable languagesGao, Z.; Stephan, F. ; Zilles, S.
Jan-2013Quasi-parallax for nearly parallel frontal eyes: A possible role of binocular overlap during rapid locomotionCheong, L.-F. ; Gao, Z.
13-Feb-2013Structural Characterization of Minor Ampullate Spidroin Domains and Their Distinct Roles in Fibroin Solubility and Fiber FormationGao, Z.; Lin, Z. ; Huang, W. ; Lai, C.C.; Fan, J.-S. ; Yang, D. 
2011Tunable multiple-channel optical parametric oscillator in atmospheric transmission windowGao, Z.; Guo, H. ; Zhao, X.