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2002A novel prothrombin activator from the venom of Micropechis ikaheka: Isolation and characterizationGao, R.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Kini, R.M. 
May-2014Analytic skew-products of quadratic polynomials over misiurewicz-thurston mapsGao, R.; Shen, W. 
3-Sep-2013Basic Amino Acid Mutations in the Nuclear Localization Signal of Hibiscus Chlorotic Ringspot Virus p23 Inhibit Virus Long Distance MovementGao, R.; Wong, S.-M. 
Dec-2012Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus coat protein upregulates sulfur metabolism genes for enhanced pathogen defenseGao, R.; Ng, F.K.L.; Liu, P.; Wong, S.-M. 
14-Nov-2012Identification of a Plant Viral RNA Genome in the NucleusGao, R.; Liu, P.; Wong, S.-M. 
2002Pharmacological characterization of mikatoxin, an α-neurotoxin isolated from the venom of the New-Guinean small-eyed snake Micropechis ikahekaNirthanan, S. ; Gao, R.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Gwee, M.C.E. ; Khoo, H.E. ; Cheah, L.S.; Kini, R.M. 
30-Dec-2013Plant growth retardation and conserved miRNAs are correlated to hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus infectionGao, R.; Wan, Z.Y.; Wong, S.-M. 
2001Purification and properties of three new phospholipase A2isoenzymes from Micropechis ikaheka venomGao, R.; Selvanayagam, Z.E.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Kini, R.Manjunatha ; Li, G. ; Luo, R.
1999Purification, properties, and amino acid sequence of a hemoglobinuria- inducing phospholipase A2, MiPLA-1, from Micropechis ikaheka venomGao, R.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Kini, R.M. 
2013Stochastic hydroelastic analysis of pontoon-type very large floating structures considering directional wave spectrumPapaioannou, I.; Gao, R.; Rank, E.; Wang, C.M. 
2012Towards interactive steering of a very large floating structure code by using HPC parallelisation strategiesFrisch, J.; Gao, R.; Mundani, R.-P.; Wang, C.M. ; Rank, E.