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2009All-solution based device engineering of multilayer polymeric photodiodes: Minimizing dark currentKeivanidis, P.E.; Khong, S.-H.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Greenham, N.C.; Friend, R.H.
Jun-2013Donor-acceptor interface modification by zwitterionic conjugated polyelectrolytes in polymer photovoltaicsKumar, A.; Pace, G.; Bakulin, A.A.; Fang, J.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Huck, W.T.S.; Friend, R.H.; Greenham, N.C.
22-Apr-2011Doping of organic semiconductors using molybdenum trioxide: A quantitative time-dependent electrical and spectroscopic studyGwinner, M.C.; Pietro, R.D.; Vaynzof, Y.; Greenberg, K.J.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Friend, R.H.; Sirringhaus, H.
18-Apr-2005Electric field-induced transition from heterojunction to bulk charge recombination in bilayer polymer light-emitting diodesMorteani, A.C.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Friend, R.H.; Silva, C.
10-Mar-2005General observation of n-type field-effect behaviour in organic semiconductorsChua, L.-L. ; Zaumseil, J.; Chang, J.-F.; Ou, E.C.-W.; Ho, P.K.-H. ; Sirringhaus, H.; Friend, R.H.
26-Apr-2004High-stability ultrathin spin-on benzocyclobutene gate dielectric for polymer field-effect transistorsChua, L.-L.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Sirringhaus, H.; Friend, R.H.
4-Oct-2004Highly-efficient broadband waveguide outcoupling in light-emitting diodes with self-organized polymer blendsCorcoran, N.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Arias, A.C.; Mackenzie, J.D.; Friend, R.H.; Fichet, G.; Huck, W.T.S.
30-Mar-2000Molecular-scale interface engineering for polymer light-emitting diodesHo, P.K.H.; Kim, J.I.-S.; Burroughes, J.H.; Becker, H.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Brown, T.M.; Cacialli, F.; Friend, R.H.
16-Sep-2004Observation of field-effect transistor behavior at self-organized interfacesChua, L.-L.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Sirringhaus, H.; Friend, R.H.
2005Organic double-gate field-effect transistors: Logic-AND operationChua, L.-L. ; Friend, R.H.; Ho, P.K.H. 
4-Nov-2004Self-organized photonic structures in polymer light-emitting diodesFichet, G.; Corcoran, N.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Arias, A.C.; MacKenzie, J.D.; Huck, W.T.S.; Friend, R.H.
22-Oct-2010Solution-processed zinc oxide as high-performance air-stable electron injector in organic Ambipolar light-emitting field-effect transistorsGwinner, M.C.; Vaynzof, Y.; Banger, K.K.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Friend, R.H.; Sirringhaus, H.
20-Jan-2007Solvent effects on chain orientation and interchain π-interaction in conjugated polymer thin films: Direct measurements of the air and substrate interfaces by near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopyHo, P.K.-H. ; Chua, L.-L. ; Dipankar, M.; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Wee, A.T.-S. ; Chang, J.-F.; Friend, R.H.
14-Aug-2013Suppressing recombination in polymer photovoltaic devices via energy-level cascadesTan, Z.-K.; Johnson, K.; Vaynzof, Y.; Bakulin, A.A.; Chua, L.-L. ; Ho, P.K.H. ; Friend, R.H.
23-Nov-2010The dependence of device dark current on the active-layer morphology of solution-processed organic photodetectorsKeivanidis, P.E.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Friend, R.H.; Greenham, N.C.
31-Dec-1999X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of surface-treated indium-tin oxide thin filmsKim, J.S.; Ho, P.K.H.; Thomas, D.S.; Friend, R.H.; Cacialli, F.; Bao, G.-W.; Li, S.F.Y.