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Dec-2010Analysis of the UCHL1 genetic variant in Parkinson's disease among ChineseTan, E.K. ; Lu, C.S.; Peng, R.; Teo, Y.Y.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Chen, R.S.; Weng, Y.H.; Chen, C.M.; Fung, H.C.; Tan, L.C.; Zhang, Z.J.; An, X.K.; Lee-Chen, G.J.; Lee, M.C.; Fook-Chong, S.; Burgunder, J.M.; Wu, R.M.; Wu, Y.R.
Jun-2009Beneficial effects of high-dose losartan in IgA nephritisWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Tan, H.-K.; Choong, H.-L.; Foo, M.; Vathsala, A.; Lee, E.J.C. ; Tan, C.-C.; Lee, G.S.L.; Tan, S.H.; Lim, C.-H.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Fook-Chong, S.; Wong, S.K.S.
Mar-2011CALHM1 variant is not associated with Alzheimer's disease among AsiansTan, E.K. ; Ho, P.; Cheng, S.Y.; Yih, Y.; Li, H.H.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lee, W.L.; Zhao, Y.
2009Cerebellar control of motor activation and cancellation in humans: An electrophysiological studyLo, Y.L. ; Fook-Chong, S.; Chan, L.L.; Ong, W.Y. 
Nov-2009Clinically reported heterozygous mutations in the PINK1 kinase domain exert a gene dosage effectTan, E.-K. ; Refai, F.S.; Siddique, M.; Yap, K.; Ho, P.; Fook-Chong, S.; Zhao, Y.
2010Electrophysiological evidence of cerebellar fiber system involvement in the Miller Fisher syndromeLo, Y.L. ; Ratnagopal, P.; Fook-Chong, S.; Chan, L.L.; Ong, W.Y. 
Nov-2010Global evolutionary trend of the prevalence of primary glomerulonephritis over the past three decadesWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Chin, Y.M.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Anantharaman, V.; Lee, G.S.L.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Tan, P.H.; Lim, C.H.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, E.; Tan, H.B.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lau, Y.-K.; Wong, K.-S.
Aug-2013Heart rate variability risk score for prediction of acute cardiac complications in ED patients with chest painOng, M.E.H. ; Goh, K.; Fook-Chong, S.; Haaland, B. ; Wai, K.L. ; Koh, Z.X.; Shahidah, N.; Lin, Z.
Dec-2008High dose Losartan and ACE gene polymorphism in IgA nephritisWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Tan, S.-H.; Vathsala, A.; Lim, C.-H.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Fook-Chong, S.; Yi, Z.; Tan, H.B.; Wong, K.-S.
5-Oct-2009LRRK2 G2385R modulates age at onset in Parkinson's disease: A multi-center pooled analysisTan, E.K. ; Peng, R.; Wu, Y.R.; Wu, R.M.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Tan, L.C.; An, X.K.; Chen, C.M.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lu, C.S.
2008LRRK2 R1628P increases risk of Parkinson's disease: Replication evidenceTan, E.K. ; Tan, L.C.; Lim, H.Q.; Li, R.; Tang, M.; Yih, Y.; Pavanni, R.; Prakash, K.M.; Fook-Chong, S.; Zhao, Y.
Sep-2004Nasal-type extranodal natural killer/T-cell lympholmas: A cliniclopathologic and genotypic study of 42 cases in SingaporeNg, S.B.; Lai, K.W. ; Murugaya, S.; Lee, K.M.; Loong, S.L.E.; Fook-Chong, S.; Tao, M.; Sng, I.
Oct-2004Polymorphism of renin-angiotensin system genes in IgA nephropathyWoo, K.-T.; Lau, Y.-K.; Choong, L.H.L.; Zhao, Y.; Tan, H.-B.; Fook-Chong, S.; Tan, E.-K. ; Yap, H.-K. ; Wong, K.-S. 
2005Reflex vasoconstrictor responses of the healthy human fingertip skin. Normal range, repeatability, and influencing factorsWilder-Smith, E.P. ; Liurong, L.; Fook-Chong, S.
Nov-2010The changing pattern of primary glomerulonephritis in Singapore and other countries over the past 3 decadesWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Mooi, C.Y.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Lee, G.S.L.; Anantharaman, V.; Lim, C.-H.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, E.J.C.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Tan, P.H.; Boon, T.H.; Fook-Chong, S.; Wong, K.-S.
1-Jul-2011The feasibility and accuracy of sentinel lymph node biopsy in clinically node-negative patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer - A systematic review and meta-analysisTan, V.K.M.; Goh, B.K.P. ; Fook-Chong, S.; Khin, L.-W. ; Wong, W.-K.; Yong, W.-S.
Sep-2009Three-dimensional MR volumetric analysis of the posterior fossa CSF space in hemifacial spasmChan, L.-L.; Ng, K.-M.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lo, Y.-L.; Tan, E.-K. 
Jan-2014Transcallosal diffusion tensor abnormalities in predominant gait disorder parkinsonismChan, L.-L.; Ng, K.-M.; Rumpel, H.; Fook-Chong, S.; Li, H.-H.; Tan, E.-K. 
Aug-2008Treatment outcome correlates with knowledge of disease in hemifacial spasmTan, E.-K. ; Hameed, S.; Fook-Chong, S.; Hussein, K.; Lum, S.-Y.; Chan, L.-L.
2003Vasomotor dysfunction in carpal tunnel syndromeWilder-Smith, E.P.V. ; Chew, S.E.; Chow, A.; Guo, Y.; Fook-Chong, S.