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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2013A brain-computer interface based cognitive training system for healthy elderly: A randomized control pilot study for usability and preliminary efficacyLee, T.-S. ; Goh, S.J.A.; Quek, S.Y.; Phillips, R.; Guan, C.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Feng, L.; Teng, S.S.W.; Wang, C.C.; Chin, Z.Y.; Zhang, H.; Ng, T.P.; Lee, J.; Keefe, R.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
2011A composed hybrid structure for the autonomous flight control of Unmanned helicoptersKarimoddini, A.; Dong, X.; Cai, G. ; Feng, L.; Lin, H. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
2010A fast divisive clustering algorithm using an improved discrete particle swarm optimizerFeng, L.; Qiu, M.-H.; Wang, Y.-X.; Xiang, Q.-L. ; Yang, Y.-F.; Liu, K.
Aug-2009A framework for multiple robust explicit MPC controllers for linear systemsSui, D.; Jin Ong, C. ; Feng, L.
Dec-2012Association between tea consumption and depressive symptoms in older Chinese adultsFeng, L.; Li, J. ; Kua, E.-H.; Lee, T.-S. ; Yap, K.-B.; John Rush, A. ; Ng, T.-P.
Jun-2013Autism spectrum disorder in Chinese populations: A brief reviewFeng, L.; Li, C.; Chiu, H.; Lee, T.-S. ; Spencer, M.D.; Wong, J.C.-M.
1998Buffer management in distributed database systems: A data mining-based approachFeng, L.; Lu, H.; Tay, Y.C. ; Tung, K.H. 
Sep-2010Cloning and molecular characterization of BmHYA1, a novel hyaluronidase from the venom of Chinese red scorpion Buthus martensi KarschFeng, L.; Gao, R. ; Meng, J.; Gopalakrishnakone, P.
2013Crustal thickness and velocity structure beneath singapore's seismic networkMacpherson, K.A.; Hidayat, D.; Feng, L.; Goh, S.H. 
Aug-2009Decomposition principle in model predictive control for linear systems with bounded disturbancesSui, D.; Feng, L.; Hovd, M.; Ong, C.J. 
2007Designing communicating transaction processes by supervisory control theoryFeng, L.; Wonham, W.M.; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
2003Efficient mining of intertransaction association rulesTung, A.K.H. ; Lu, H.; Han, J.; Feng, L.
2005Flutter simulation and prediction via identification of non-linear impulse responseWon, K.S. ; Tsai, H.M. ; Ray, T. ; Feng, L.
Jan-2014Frailty predicts new and persistent depressive symptoms among community-dwelling older adults: Findings from singapore longitudinal aging studyFeng, L.; Nyunt, M.S.Z. ; Feng, L.; Yap, K.B.; Ng, T.P.
2003Fully dynamic partitioning: Handling data skew in parallel data cube computationLu, H. ; Yu, J.X.; Feng, L.; Li, Z.
Nov-2013Global Mortality Estimates for the 2009 Influenza Pandemic from the GLaMOR Project: A Modeling StudySimonsen, L.; Spreeuwenberg, P.; Lustig, R.; Taylor, R.J.; Fleming, D.M.; Kroneman, M.; Van Kerkhove, M.D.; Mounts, A.W.; Paget, W.J.; Echenique, H.; Savy, V.; Muscatello, D.; MacIntyre, C.R.; Dwyer, D.E.; Azziz-Baumgartner, E.; Homaira, N.; Moura, F.E.A.; Schuck, C.; Akwar, H.; Schanzer, D.; Fuentes, R.; Olea, A.; Sotomayor, V.; Feng, L.; Yu, H.; Mazick, A.; Mølbak, K.; Nielsen, J.; Carrat, F.; Lemaitre, M.; Buchholz, U.; Schweiger, B.; Höhle, M.; Vesenbeckh, S.; Cowling, B.; Leung, G.; Tsang, T.; Chuang, S.-K.; Bromberg, M.; Kaufman, Z.; Sugaya, N.; Oka Ezoe, K.; Hayashi, S.; Matsuda, M.; Lopez-Gatell, H.; Alpuche-Aranda, C.; Noyola, D.; Chowell, G.; van Asten, L.; Meijer, A.; van den Wijngaard, K.; van der Sande, M.; Baker, M.; Zhang, J.; Benavides, J.G.; Munayco, C.; Laguna-Torres, A.; Rabczenko, D.; Wojtyniak, B.; Park, S.-H.; Lee, Y.-K.; Zolotusca, L.; Popovici, O.; Popescu, R.; Ang, L.W.; Cutter, J.; Lin, R.; Ma, S.; Chen, M. ; Lee, V.J. ; Prosenc, K.; Socan, M.; Cohen, C.; Larrauri, A.; de Mateo, S.; Méndez, L.S.; Sanz, C.D.; Andrews, N.; Green, H.K.; Pebody, R.; Saei, A.; Shay, D.; Viboud, C.
2006Homocysteine, folate, and vitamin B-12 and cognitive performance in older Chinese adults: Findings from the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing StudyFeng, L.; Ng, T.-P. ; Chuah, L. ; Niti, M. ; Kua, E.-H. 
2007Identifying differentially expressed genes in time-course microarray experiment without replicateHan, X.; Sung, W.-K. ; Feng, L.
2003Implementation of a Servo Positioning System on Spin StandWong, W.E.; Feng, L.; Guo, G.; Ye, W.; Al-Mamun, A. 
2008Improved reliable H2 output feedback controller design for F-16 aircraft against faultsFeng, L.; Wang, J.; Poh, E.; Liao, F. ; Sui, D.; Yew, L.K.