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2008An energy efficient, low cost, hybrid storage system based on utilityZeng, L.; Feng, D.; Veeravalli, B. ; Wei, Q.
2009ARRAY: A non-application-related, secure,wide-area disaster recovery storage systemZeng, L.; Feng, D.; Veeravalli, B. ; Wei, Q.
2010CDRM: A cost-effective dynamic replication management scheme for cloud storage clusterWei, Q.; Veeravalli, B. ; Gong, B.; Zeng, L.; Feng, D.
2012HRAID6ML: A hybrid RAID6 storage architecture with mirrored loggingZeng, L.; Feng, D.; Chen, J.; Wei, Q.; Veeravalli, B. ; Liu, W.
1-Mar-2000Interface effects on magnetoresistance and magnetic-field-reduced Raman scattering in magnetiteLi, J.-M. ; Huan, A.C.H. ; Wang, L.; Du, Y.-W.; Feng, D.
2012Locality-sensitive bloom filter for approximate membership queryHua, Y.; Xiao, B.; Veeravalli, B. ; Feng, D.
2001Magnetic-field-tunable charge carrier localization in sintered polycrystalline La0.75Ca0.25Mno3Li, J.-M. ; Huan, C.H.A. ; Du, Y.-W.; Feng, D.; Shen, Z.X. 
Oct-1999Preparation of nanocrystalline alloy by devitrificationLi, J.-M. ; Du, Y.-W.; Feng, D.; Quan, M.-X.; Hu, Z.-Q.
Nov-2012Representing emotive meaning in visual images: A social semiotic approachFeng, D.; O'Halloran, K.L. 
2012SeWDReSS: On the design of an application independent, secure, wide-area disaster recovery storage systemZeng, L.; Veeravalli, B. ; Wei, Q.; Feng, D.
2013Subtle cueing for visual search in head-tracked head worn displaysLu, W. ; Feng, D.; Feiner, S.; Zhao, Q. ; Duh, H.B.-L. 
2003Theoretical study on the formation mechanism of resonance states for the Na + i2 → Na+ + i2 - systemCai, Z.; Wanyong, M.; Sun, X.; Feng, D.; Zhang, D.