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Mar-2011A high-yield HfOx-based unipolar resistive ram employing Ni electrode compatible with Si-diode selector for crossbar integrationTran, X.A.; Yu, H.Y.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Wu, L.; Liu, W.J.; Wang, Z.R.; Fang, Z.; Pey, K.L.; Sun, X.W.; Du, A.Y.; Nguyen, B.Y.; Li, M.F.
11-Feb-2011A rapid and convenient synthesis of 5-unsubstituted 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2- ones and thionesFang, Z.; Lam, Y. 
Apr-2012A self-rectifying HfO x-based unipolar RRAM with Nisi electrodeTran, X.A.; Zhu, W.G.; Gao, B.; Kang, J.F.; Liu, W.J.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Z.R.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Nguyen, B.Y.; Li, M.F.; Yu, H.Y.
28-Jun-2013Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species by Polyenylpyrroles Derivatives Causes DNA Damage Leading to G2/M Arrest and Apoptosis in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma CellsHua, K.-F.; Liao, P.-C.; Fang, Z.; Yang, F.-L.; Yang, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Liu, M.-L.; Lam, Y. ; Wu, S.-H.
2011High performance unipolar AlOy/HfOx/Ni based RRAM compatible with Si diodes for 3D applicationTran, X.A.; Gao, B.; Kang, J.F.; Wu, L.; Wang, Z.R.; Fang, Z.; Pey, K.L.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Du, A.Y.; Nguyen, B.Y.; Li, M.F.; Yu, H.Y.
1-Jan-2004Measurement of a fiber-end surface profile by use of phase-shifting laser interferometryWang, S. ; Quan, C. ; Tay, C.J. ; Reading, I.; Fang, Z.
7-Oct-2013Polyenylpyrrole Derivatives Inhibit NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Inflammatory Mediator Expression by Reducing Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase ActivationHua, K.-F.; Chou, J.-C.; Lam, Y. ; Tasi, Y.-L.; Chen, A.; Ka, S.-M.; Fang, Z.; Liu, M.-L.; Yang, F.-L.; Yang, Y.-L.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Wu, S.-H.
2011Self-rectifying and forming-free unipolar HfO x based-high performance RRAM built by fab-avaialbe materialsTran, X.A.; Gao, B.; Kang, J.F.; Wu, X.; Wu, L.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Z.R.; Pey, K.L.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Du, A.Y.; Liu, M.; Nguyen, B.Y.; Li, M.F.; Yu, H.Y.
25-Nov-2010Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyenylpyrrole derivatives as anticancer agents acting through caspases-dependent apoptosisFang, Z.; Liao, P.-C.; Yang, Y.-L.; Yang, F.-L.; Chen, Y.-L.; Lam, Y. ; Hua, K.-F.; Wu, S.-H.