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2010A chameleon encryption scheme resistant to known-plaintext attackChang, E.-C. ; Fang, C.; Xu, J.
2012Adaptive differentially private histogram of low-dimensional dataFang, C.; Chang, E.-C. 
2014An optimization model for aesthetic two-dimensional barcodesFang, C.; Zhang, C.; Chang, E.-C. 
1-Oct-2006Cationic, water-soluble, fluorene-containing poly(arylene ethynylene)s: Effects of water solubility on aggregation, photoluminescence efficiency, and amplified fluorescence quenching in aqueous solutionsHuang, Y.-Q.; Fan, Q.-L.; Lu, X.-M.; Fang, C.; Liu, S.-J.; Yu-Wen, L.-H.; Wang, L.-H.; Huang, W. 
22-Oct-2013Correlating the plasmonic and structural evolutions during the sulfidation of silver nanocubesFang, C.; Lee, Y.H.; Shao, L.; Jiang, R.; Wang, J.; Xu, Q.-H. 
1999Effect of heavy metals on the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbonsTan, H.-M.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Fang, C.
6-Sep-2013Fe-doped MnxOy with hierarchical porosity as a high-performance lithium-ion battery anodeMa, Y.; Fang, C.; Ding, B.; Ji, G.; Lee, J.Y. 
2009ID repetition in kadYu, J.; Fang, C.; Xu, J.; Chang, E.-C. ; Li, Z.
2011ID repetition in structured P2P networksYu, J.; Li, Z.; Xiao, P.; Fang, C.; Xu, J.; Chang, E.-C. 
2011Identity leakage mitigation on asymmetric secure sketchFang, C.; Li, Q.; Chang, E.-C. 
2008Information leakage in optimal anonymized and diversified dataFang, C.; Chang, E.-C. 
7-Jun-2012Ion pair reinforced semi-interpenetrating polymer network for direct methanol fuel cell applicationsFang, C.; Julius, D.; Tay, S.W.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2012Ion pair reinforced semi-interpenetrating polymer networks for fuel cell polymer electrolyte membrane designFang, C.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
8-Jan-2013Preparation of semi-interpenetrating polymer networks with adjustable mesh width and hydrophobicityFang, C.; Julius, D.; Tay, S.W.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2010Secure sketch for multiple secretsFang, C.; Li, Q.; Chang, E.-C. 
2010Securing interactive sessions using mobile device through visual channel and visual inspectionFang, C.; Chang, E.-C. 
15-Mar-2013Semi-interpenetrating polymer network proton exchange membranes with narrow and well-connected hydrophilic channelsFang, C.; Toh, X.N.; Yao, Q.; Julius, D.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
Oct-2007Synthesis and characterization of red phosphorescent-conjugated polymers containing charged iridium complexes and carbazole unitDeng, Y.; Liu, S.-J.; Fan, Q.-L.; Fang, C.; Zhu, R.; Pu, K.-Y.; Yuwen, L.-H.; Wang, L.-H.; Huang, W.