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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2013Amphiphilic conetworks and gels physically cross-linked via stereocomplexation of polylactideFan, X.; Wang, M.; Yuan, D. ; He, C. 
25-Oct-2013An amphiphilic-like fluoroalkyl modified SiO2 nanoparticle@Nafion proton exchange membrane with excellent fuel cell performanceYuan, D. ; Liu, Z.; Tay, S.W.; Fan, X.; Zhang, X.; He, C. 
Dec-2004An implementation of no-slip boundary conditions in DPDDuong-Hong, D. ; Phan-Thien, N. ; Fan, X.
May-2012Cotransplantation of Ex Vivo Expanded and Unexpanded Cord Blood Units in Immunodeficient Mice Using Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein-2-Augmented Mesenchymal Cell CoculturesOng, L.M.; Fan, X.; Chu, P.P.Y.; Gay, F.P.H.; Bari, S.; Ang, J.M.L.; Li, Z.; Chen, J.; Lim, S.K.; Bunte, R.M. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.
2006Facile synthesis of water-soluble LaF3 Ln3+ nanocrystalsWang, F. ; Zhang, Y. ; Fan, X.; Wang, M.
Feb-2007Follow-up analysis of PSORS9 in 151 Chinese families confirmed the linkage to 4q31-32 and refined the evidence to the families of early-onset psoriasisYan, K.-L.; Huang, W.; Zhang, X.-J.; Yang, S.; Chen, Y.-M.; Xiao, F.-L.; Fan, X.; Gao, M.; Cui, Y.; Zhang, G.-L.; Sun, L.-D.; Wang, P.-G.; Chen, J.-J.; Li, W.; Chen, Z.-H. ; Wang, Z.-M.; Wang, D.-Z.; Zhang, K.-Y.; Liu, J.-J.
Apr-2006Instabilities in vertically vibrated granular beds at the single particle scaleWong, Y.S.; Gan, H.C.; Wang, H.C. ; Fan, X.; Parker, J.D.; Ingram, A.; Seville, K.J.
Oct-2012Intercellular cytosolic transfer correlates with mesenchymal stromal cell rescue of umbilical cord blood cell viability during ex vivo expansionChu, P.P.Y.; Bari, S.; Fan, X.; Gay, F.P.H.; Ang, J.M.L.; Chiu, G.N.C. ; Lim, S.K.; Hwang, W.Y.K.
Sep-2005Luminescence behavior of Eu3+ doped LaF3 nanoparticlesPi, D.; Wang, F.; Fan, X.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Y. 
14-Jan-2006Luminescent nanomaterials for biological labellingWang, F. ; Tan, W.B. ; Zhang, Y. ; Fan, X.; Wang, M.
21-May-2014Macromolecular crowding meets tissue engineering by self-assembly: A paradigm shift in regenerative medicineSatyam, A.; Kumar, P.; Fan, X.; Gorelov, A.; Rochev, Y.; Joshi, L.; Peinado, H.; Lyden, D.; Thomas, B.; Rodriguez, B.; Raghunath, M. ; Pandit, A.; Zeugolis, D.
Jan-2003Microchannel flow of a macromolecular suspensionFan, X.; Phan-Thien, N. Nhan ; Yong, N.T.; Wu, X.; Xu, D.
17-Jan-2007Multicolour PEI/NaGdF4:Ce3+,Ln3+ nanocrystals by single-wavelength excitationWang, F.; Fan, X.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Y. 
14-Mar-2006One-pot synthesis of chitosan/LaF3:Eu3+ nanocrystals for bio-applicationsWang, F. ; Zhang, Y. ; Fan, X.; Wang, M.
11-Jun-2013Polymer nanocomposite hydrogels exhibiting both dynamic restructuring and unusual adhesive propertiesWang, M.; Yuan, D. ; Fan, X.; Sahoo, N.G.; He, C. 
11-Jun-2013Polymer nanocomposite hydrogels exhibiting both dynamic restructuring and unusual adhesive propertiesWang, M.; Yuan, D. ; Fan, X.; Sahoo, N.G.; He, C. 
Nov-2013Protective role of functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes enhance ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in human umbilical cord bloodBari, S.; Chu, P.P.Y.; Lim, A.; Fan, X.; Gay, F.P.H.; Bunte, R.M. ; Lim, T.K.H.; Li, S.; Chiu, G.N.C. ; Hwang, W.Y.K.
Jun-2006Simulating flow of DNA suspension using dissipative particle dynamicsFan, X.; Phan-Thien, N. ; Chen, S.; Wu, X.; Ng, T.Y.
14-Dec-2006Synthesis of polyethylenimine/NaYF4 nanoparticles with upconversion fluorescenceWang, F. ; Chatterjee, D.K. ; Li, Z. ; Zhang, Y. ; Fan, X.; Wang, M.
2005The mutated subsequence problem and locating conserved genesChan, H.L.; Lam, T.W.; Sung, W.K. ; Wong, P.W.H.; Yiu, S.M.; Fan, X.