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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2012A convenient organic-inorganic hybrid approach toward highly stable squaraine dyes with reduced H-aggregationYan, Z.; Xu, H.; Guang, S.; Zhao, X.; Fan, W.; Liu, X.Y. 
1-Jul-2009An online blog reading system by topic clustering and personalized rankingLi, X.; Yan, J.; Fan, W.; Liu, N.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Z.
Oct-2013Baculoviral transduction facilitates TALEN-mediated targeted transgene integration and Cre/LoxP cassette exchange in human-induced pluripotent stem cellsZhu, H.; Lau, C.-H.; Goh, S.-L.; Liang, Q.; Chen, C.; Du, S.; Phang, R.-Z.; Tay, F.C.; Tan, W.-K.; Li, Z. ; Tay, J.C.-K.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
26-Nov-2013Biodegradable broad-spectrum antimicrobial polycarbonates: Investigating the role of chemical structure on activity and selectivityChin, W.; Yang, C.; Ng, V.W.L.; Huang, Y.; Cheng, J.; Tong, Y.W. ; Coady, D.J.; Fan, W.; Hedrick, J.L.; Yang, Y.Y.
7-Jan-2013Broad-spectrum antimicrobial and biofilm-disrupting hydrogels: Stereocomplex-driven supramolecular assembliesLi, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Coady, D.J.; Engler, A.C.; Liu, S.; Huang, Y.; Cho, J.S.; Guo, Y.; Miller, L.S.; Tan, J.P.K.; Ee, P.L.R. ; Fan, W.; Yang, Y.Y.; Hedrick, J.L.
2003Capturing both Types and Constraints in Data IntegrationBenedikt, M.; Chan, C.-Y. ; Fan, W.; Freire, J.; Rastogi, R.
15-Nov-2012Electronic band structure and effective mass parameters of Ge 1-xSnx alloysLu Low, K.; Yang, Y.; Han, G. ; Fan, W.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2012Electronic band structure and effective masses of Ge1-xSn x alloysLow, K.L.; Yang, Y.; Han, G. ; Fan, W.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Aug-2013Inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase activity promotes migration of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells toward cancer cellsChen, C.; Wang, Y.; Goh, S.S.L.; Yang, J.; Lam, D.H.; Choudhury, Y.; Tay, F.C.; Du, S.; Tan, W.K.; Purwanti, Y.I.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
15-Jul-2013Inhibitory effects of neural stem cells derived from human embryonic stem cells on differentiation and function of monocyte-derived dendritic cellsShahbazi, M.; Kwang, T.W.X.; Purwanti, Y.I.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
5-Jul-2012Long-range adiabatic quantum state transfer through a tight-binding chain as a quantum data busChen, B.; Fan, W.; Xu, Y.; Chen, Z.-Y.; Feng, X.-L. ; Oh, C.H. 
2013Nitrogen-doped graphene hollow nanospheres as novel electrode materials for supercapacitor applicationsFan, W.; Xia, Y.-Y.; Tjiu, W.W.; Pallathadka, P.K. ; He, C. ; Liu, T.
2012PrefaceChang, C.-C.; Patra, S.K.; Noubari, H.A.; Mahmoud, S.S.; Luo, Z.; Olaru, A.; Guo, M.; Fan, W.; Laha, A.; Yin, C.; Birla, S.; Ali, M.S.; Pradhan, M.K.; Srivastava, V.M.; Sayed, A.; Manikandan, S. ; Aggarwal, D.; Bong, D.B.L.; Sil, J.; Rengan, R.S.R.S.; Venkata Rao, D.; Zaveri, T.
31-Jan-2012Quantum phase transition of two-mode Bose-Einstein condensates with an entanglement order parameterFan, W.; Xu, Y.; Chen, B.; Chen, Z.; Feng, X. ; Oh, C.H. 
5-Jul-2004Reactions of the complexes [Re2(CO)9(η 1-P-P)] (P-P = Ph2P(CH2)nPPh 2, n = 1-6) with Me3NO: Formation of close-bridged complexes [Re2(CO)8(μ-P-P)] and phosphine oxide complexes [Re2(CO)9{P-P(O)}]Fan, W.; Zhang, R.; Leong, W.K. ; Yan, Y.K.
15-Aug-2005Rhenium carbonyl complexes with monodentate-coordinated diphosphines: Activation of terminal phosphino groups towards amine-oxide oxidationFan, W.; Zhang, R.; Leong, W.K. ; Chu, C.K.; Yan, Y.K.
2004Secure XML querying with security viewsFan, W.; Chan, C.-Y. ; Garofalakis, M.
Aug-2013Systemic delivery of fusogenic membrane glycoprotein-expressing neural stem cells to selectively kill tumor cellsZhu, D.; Lam, D.H.; Purwanti, Y.I.; Goh, S.L.; Wu, C.; Zeng, J.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
Oct-2013Targeted transgene insertion into the AAVS1 locus driven by baculoviral vector-mediated zinc finger nuclease expression in human-induced pluripotent stem cellsTay, F.C.; Tan, W.K.; Goh, S.-L.; Ramachandra, C.J.A.; Lau, C.-H.; Zhu, H.; Chen, C.; Du, S.; Phang, R.Z.; Shahbazi, M.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
2011Trace-oriented feature analysis for large-scale text data dimension reductionYan, J.; Liu, N.; Yan, S. ; Yang, Q.; Fan, W.; Wei, W.; Chen, Z.