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2016Acute myocardial infarction: Susceptibility-weighted cardiac MRI for the detection of reperfusion haemorrhage at 1.5 TDurighel G.; Tokarczuk P.F.; Karsa A.; Gordon F.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
2010Assessment of severe reperfusion injury with T2* cardiac MRI in patients with acute myocardial infarctionO'Regan D.P.; Ariff B.; Neuwirth C.; Tan Y.; Durighel G.; Cook S.A. 
2013Body fat is associated with reduced aortic stiffness until middle ageCorden B.; Keenan N.G.; De Marvao A.S.M.; Dawes T.J.W.; Decesare A.; Diamond T.; Durighel G.; Hughes A.D.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
2009Cardiac MRI of myocardial salvage at the peri-infarct border zones after primary coronary interventionO'Regan D.P.; Ahmed R.; Neuwirth C.; Tan Y.; Durighel G.; Hajnal J.V.; Nadra I.; Corbett S.J.; Cook S.A. 
2014Population-based studies of myocardial hypertrophy: High resolution cardiovascular magnetic resonance atlases improve statistical powerDe Marvao A.; Dawes T.J.; Shi W.; Minas C.; Keenan N.G.; Diamond T.; Durighel G.; Montana G.; Rueckert D.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
2015Precursors of hypertensive heart phenotype develop in healthy adults A High-Resolution 3D MRI StudyDe Marvao A.; Dawes T.J.W.; Shi W.; Durighel G.; Rueckert D.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
2016Pulmonary artery stiffness is independently associated with right ventricular mass and function: A cardiac MR imaging study1Dawes T.J.W.; Gandhi A.; De Marvao A.; Buzaco R.; Tokarczuk P.; Quinlan M.; Durighel G.; Diamond T.; Garcia L.M.; De Cesare A.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
2012Remodeling after acute myocardial infarction: Mapping ventricular dilatation using three dimensional CMR image registrationOregan D.P.; Shi W.; Ariff B.; Baksi A.J.; Durighel G.; Rueckert D.; Cook S.A. 
2009Reperfusion hemorrhage following acute myocardial infarction: Assessment with T2*mapping and effect on measuring the area at riskO'Regan D.P.; Ahmed R.; Karunanithy N.; Neuwirth C.; Tan Y.; Durighel G.; Hajnal J.V.; Nadra I.; Corbett S.J.; Cook S.A. 
2013Salvage assessment with cardiac MRI following acute myocardial infarction underestimates potential for recovery of systolic strainO'Regan D.P.; Ariff B.; Baksi A.J.; Gordon F.; Durighel G.; Cook S.A.