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2012100-Channel wireless neural recording system with 54-Mb/s data link and 40%-efficiency power linkCheng, K.-W.; Zou, X.; Cheong, J.H.; Xue, R.-F.; Chen, Z.; Yao, L.; Cha, H.-K.; Cheng, S.J.; Li, P.; Liu, L. ; Andia, L.; Ho, C.K.; Cheng, M.-Y.; Duan, Z.; Rajkumar, R.; Zheng, Y.; Goh, W.L.; Guo, Y.; Dawe, G.; Park, W.-T.; Je, M.
2014Design and in vitro test of a differentially fed dual-band implantable antenna operating at MICS and ISM BandsDuan, Z.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Je, M.; Kwong, D.-L. 
2012Differentially fed dual-band implantable antenna for biomedical applicationsDuan, Z.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Xue, R.-F.; Je, M.; Kwong, D.-L. 
2012Investigation of the mutual effect between power link and data link for biomedicai applicationsDuan, Z.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Xue, R.-F.; Je, M.; Kwong, D.-L.
2013Non-reference audio quality assessment for online live music recordingsLi, Z.; Wang, J.-C.; Cai, J.; Duan, Z.; Wang, H.-M.; Wang, Y. 
2011Rectangular coils modeling for inductive links in implantable biomedical devicesDuan, Z.; Guo, Y.-X. 
2012Rectangular coils optimization for wireless power transmissionDuan, Z.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Kwong, D.-L.
17-Sep-2010Synthesis of vinyl sulfides by copper-catalyzed decarboxylative C-S cross-couplingRanjit, S.; Duan, Z.; Zhang, P.; Liu, X. 
2013The NUS sung and spoken lyrics corpus: A quantitative comparison of singing and speechDuan, Z.; Fang, H.; Li, B.; Sim, K.C. ; Wang, Y. 
14-Dec-2011Toxicogenomic and phenotypic analyses of bisphenol-a early-life exposure toxicity in zebrafishLam, S.H. ; Hlaing, M.M. ; Zhang, X.; Yan, C.; Duan, Z.; Zhu, L.; Ung, C.Y. ; Mathavan, S.; Ong, C.N. ; Gong, Z.