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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Abnormalities of cortical thickness, subcortical shapes, and white matter integrity in subcortical vascular cognitive impairmentJin Thong, J.Y.; Du, J.; Ratnarajah, N.; Dong, Y.; Soon, H.W.; Saini, M.; Tan, M.Z.; Tuan Ta, A.; Chen, C.; Qiu, A. 
2007Baculoviral vector-mediated transient and stable transgene expression in human embryonic stem cellsZeng, J.; Du, J.; Zhao, Y.; Palanisamy, N.; Wang, S. 
Jul-2012Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from ChinaDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
2013Bayesian atlas estimation from high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI)Du, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
2014Characteristics of modern atmospheric dust deposition in snow in the Mt. Yulong region, southeastern Tibetan PlateauNiu, H.; He, Y.; Lu, X.X. ; Dong, Z.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, T.; Du, J.
27-May-2013Colorimetric detection of mercury ions based on plasmonic nanoparticlesDu, J.; Jiang, L.; Shao, Q.; Liu, X. ; Marks, R.S.; Ma, J.; Chen, X.
Feb-2012Contracting institutions and vertical integration: Evidence from China's manufacturing firmsDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
2012Diffeomorphic metric mapping of high angular resolution diffusion imaging based on riemannian structure of orientation distribution functionsDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
2013Diffeomorphic metric mapping of hybrid diffusion imaging based on BFOR signal basisDu, J.; Hosseinbor, A.P.; Chung, M.K.; Bendlin, B.B.; Suryawanshi, G.; Alexander, A.L.; Qiu, A. 
Jun-2012Do domestic and foreign exporters differ in learning by exporting? Evidence from ChinaDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.; Yu, L.
2006Do money and interest rates matter for stock prices? An econometric study of Singapore and USAWong, W.-K. ; Du, J.; Khan, H.
1-May-2006Dynamic critical exponents for Swendsen-Wang and Wolff algorithms obtained by a nonequilibrium relaxation methodDu, J.; Zheng, B.; Wang, J.-S. 
1-Aug-2009Establishment of medakafish as a model for stem cell-based gene therapy: Efficient gene delivery and potential chromosomal integration by baculoviral vectorsYan, Y.; Du, J.; Chen, T. ; Yi, M. ; Li, M. ; Wang, S. ; Li, C.M.; Hong, Y. 
Apr-2011Experimental demonstration of a unified framework for mixed-state geometric phasesZhu, J.; Shi, M.; Vedral, V. ; Peng, X.; Suter, D.; Du, J.
2006Experimental quantum multimeter and one-qubit fingerprintingDu, J.; Zou, P.; Peng, X.; Oh, D.K.L.; Kwek, L.C.; Oh, C.H. ; Ekert, A.
Jun-2013Genome-wide association analyses in Han Chinese identify two new susceptibility loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDeng, M.; Wei, L.; Zuo, X.; Tian, Y.; Xie, F.; Hu, P.; Zhu, C.; Yu, F.; Meng, Y.; Wang, H.; Zhang, F.; Ma, H.; Ye, R.; Cheng, H.; Du, J.; Dong, W.; Zhou, S.; Wang, C.; Wang, Y.; Wang, J.; Chen, X.; Sun, Z.; Zhou, N.; Jiang, Y.; Liu, X.; Li, X.; Zhang, N.; Liu, N.; Guan, Y.; Han, Y.; Han, Y.; Lv, X.; Fu, Y.; Yu, H.; Xi, C.; Xie, D.; Zhao, Q.; Xie, P.; Wang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Shen, L.; Cui, Y.; Yin, X.; Cheng, H.; Liang, B.; Zheng, X.; Lee, T.M.C.; Chen, G.; Zhou, F.; Veldink, J.H.; Robberecht, W.; Landers, J.E.; Andersen, P.M.; Al-Chalabi, A.; Shaw, C.; Liu, C.; Tang, B.; Xiao, S.; Robertson, J.; Zhang, F.; Leonard H Van Den Berg; Sun, L.; Liu, J. ; Yang, S.; Ju, X.; Wang, K.; Zhang, X.
15-Feb-2014Geodesic regression on orientation distribution functions with its application to an aging studyDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Kushnarev, S.; Qiu, A. 
2009High-efficiency transient transduction of human embryonic stem cell-derived neurons with baculoviral vectorsZeng, J.; Du, J.; Lin, J.; Bak, X.Y.; Wu, C.; Wang, S. 
Dec-2005Hybrid cytomegalovirus enhancer-H1 promoter-based plasmid and baculovirus vectors mediate effective RNA interferenceOng, S.T.; Li, F.; Du, J.; Tan, Y.W.; Wang, S. 
2004Information asymmetry and estimation risk: Preliminary evidence from Chinese equity marketsLam, S.-S. ; Du, J.