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Aug-2013Association between referral-to-death interval and location of death of patients referred to a hospital-based specialist palliative care servicePoulose, J.V. ; Do, Y.K.; Neo, P.S.H.
Jul-2013Diagnostic performance of Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire for screening dementia among patients attending cognitive assessment clinics in SingaporeMalhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Matchar, D. ; Seow, D.; Chuo, A.; Do, Y.K.
Aug-2012Good end-of-life care: Perspectives of middle-aged and older SingaporeansMalhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Do, Y.K.; Malhotra, R. ; Goh, C. 
Jul-2012Predictors of and health services utilization related to depressive symptoms among elderly KoreansShin, J.H.; Do, Y.K.; Maselko, J.; Brouwer, R.J.N.; Song, S.W.; Østbye, T. 
Nov-2011Self reported pain severity among multiethnic older Singaporeans: Does adjusting for reporting heterogeneity matter?Chan, A.; Malhotra, C. ; Do, Y.K.; Malhotra, R. ; Østbye, T. 
Apr-2013Simulating the impact of long-term care policy on family eldercare hoursAnsah, J.P.; Matchar, D.B. ; Love, S.R.; Malhotra, R. ; Do, Y.K.; Chan, A.; Eberlein, R.
Mar-2013Socio-economic disparities in health system responsiveness in IndiaMalhotra, C. ; Do, Y.K.
May-2012The effect of coresidence with an adult child on depressive symptoms among older widowed women in South Korea: An instrumental variables estimationDo, Y.K.; Malhotra, C.