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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013A cell-cell communication signal integrates quorum sensing and stress responseLee, J.; Wu, J.; Deng, Y.; Wang, J.; Wang, C.; Wang, J.; Chang, C.; Dong, Y.; Williams, P.; Zhang, L.-H. 
Oct-1998A hybrid fractal-JPEG coding schemeDeng, Y.; Ke, Y. 
Jan-2008A novel DSF-like signal from Burkholderia cenocepacia interferes with Candida albicans morphological transitionBoon, C.; Deng, Y.; Wang, L.-H.; He, Y.; Xu, J.-L.; Fan, Y.; Pan, S.Q. ; Zhang, L.-H. 
1-Apr-2011Accurate calculation of the nucleation field and hysteresis loops in hard-soft multilayersZhao, G.P.; Deng, Y.; Zhang, H.W.; Cheng, Z.H.; Ding, J. 
Jan-2011Acute starvation in C57BL/6J mice increases myocardial UCP2 and UCP3 protein expression levels and decreases mitochondrial bio-energetic functionWang, C.-M.; Almsherqi, Z.A.; McLachlan, C.S.; Matthews, S.; Ramachandran, M. ; Tay, S.K.; Deng, Y.
2008Amoeboid microglia in the periventricular white matter induce oligodendrocyte damage through expression of proinflammatory cytokines via MAP kinase signaling pathway in hypoxic neonatal ratsKaur, C. ; Deng, Y.; Sivakumar, V. ; Ling, E.A. ; Lu, J.
2011An exploration of social media in public opinion convergence: Elaboration likelihood and semantic networks on political eventsWu, Y.; Wong, J.; Deng, Y.; Chang, K. 
Sep-2005Cluster Computing and Grid 2005 works in progressWang, F.; Helian, N.; Wu, S.; Deng, Y.; Zhou, K.; Guo, Y.; Thompson, S.; Johnson, I.; Milward, D.; Maddock, R.; Khoo, B.; Bharadwaj, V. 
2005Combined effect of fluoride and laser on the crystalline structure of human enamel - A pilot studyDeng, Y.; Hsu, C.Y.S. 
24-Nov-2009Controllable preparation and optical limiting properties of POSS-based functional hybrid nanocomposites with different molecular architecturesSu, X.; Guanga, S.; Xu, H.; Liu, X. ; Li, S.; Wang, X.; Deng, Y.; Wang, P.
6-Sep-2008Cubic membranes: A structure-based design for DNA uptakeAlmsherqi, Z.; Hyde, S.; Ramachandran, M. ; Deng, Y.
15-Apr-2010Demagnetization process and hysteresis loops in perpendicularly oriented hard/soft trilayersZhao, G.P.; Bo, N.; Zhang, H.W.; Feng, Y.P. ; Deng, Y.
Dec-2009Differential modulation of Burkholderia cenocepacia virulence and energy metabolism by the quorum-sensing signal BDSF and its synthaseDeng, Y.; Boon, C.; Eberl, L.; Zhang, L.-H. 
2010EditorialChau, K.W.; Ong, S.E. ; Deng, Y.; Liu, H.
Apr-2010EditorialChau, K.W.; Ong, S.E. ; Deng, Y.; Liu, H.
2009Editorial for special issueOng, S.E. ; Liu, H.; Chau, K.W.; Deng, Y.
2006High-throughput determination of carbocysteine in human plasma by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry: Application to a bioequivalence study of two formulations in healthy volunteersBi, H.-C.; Zhao, L.-Z.; Zhong, G.-P.; Zhou, S. ; Li, B.; Deng, Y.; Chen, X.; Huang, M.
1-Apr-2003Increased rectal mucosal expression of interleukin 1β in recently acquired post-infectious irritable bowel syndromeGwee, K.-A. ; Collins, S.M.; Read, N.W.; Rajnakova, A. ; Deng, Y.; Graham, J.C.; McKendrick, M.W.; Moochhala, S.M. 
Oct-2005Interpretation of clopidogrel resistance (multiple letters)Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Mclachan, C.; Deng, Y.; Dziewierz, A.; Dudek, D.; Dubiel, J.S.
29-Mar-2013Pseudomonas aeruginosa Cytotoxicity Is Attenuated at High Cell Density and Associated with the Accumulation of Phenylacetic AcidWang, J.; Dong, Y.; Zhou, T.; Liu, X.; Deng, Y.; Wang, C.; Lee, J.; Zhang, L.-H.