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2012A continuous time model for multiple yard crane scheduling with last minute job arrivalsLi, W.; Goh, M. ; Wu, Y.; Petering, M.E.H.; De Souza, R.; Wu, Y.C.
Oct-2012A global search framework for practical three-dimensional packing with variable carton orientationsHe, Y. ; Wu, Y.; De Souza, R.
2010A sustainable green supply chain for globally integrated networksSundarakani, B.; De Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Van Over, D.; Manikandan, S.; Koh, S.C.L.
2007Are events and security programs relevant to stock returns of transport firms?De Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Lei, L.
2011Exploring the antecedents of technical exchanges and technology transfer in supply chains: A research-in-progressCai, S.; De Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Li, G.
2011Governance mode in reverse logistics: A research frameworkLu, Q. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2008Green supply chain: How does it affect current supply chain practice?Lu, Q. ; Li, W. ; Sundarakani, B. ; Cai, S. ; De Souza, R.; Goh, M. 
2013Knowledge sharing in collaborative supply chains: Twin effects of trust and powerCai, S.; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.; Li, G.
2008Lagrangian-dual functions and Moreau-Yosida regularizationMeng, F.; Zhao, G. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2010Logistics capability as a factor in foreign direct investment location choiceLu, Q. ; Cai, S.; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2012Logistics orchestration modeling and evaluation for humanitarian reliefLau, H.C.; Li, Z. ; Du, X.; Jiang, H.; De Souza, R.
2010Modeling carbon footprints across the supply chainSundarakani, B.; De Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Wagner, S.M.; Manikandan, S.
2014Multiobjective DC programs with infinite convex constraintsQu, S.; Goh, M. ; Wu, S.-Y.; De Souza, R.
2011Return on investment calculator for RFID ecosystem of high tech companyDe Souza, R.; Goh, M. ; Sundarakani, B.; Wai, W.T.; Toh, K.; Yong, W.
2009Supply chain visibility: A decision making perspectiveGoh, M. ; De Souza, R.; Zhang, A.N.; He, W.; Tan, P.S.
2010The role of logistics capabilities in promoting air cargo flowsSun, Y.; Lu, Q. ; Peng, X.; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2010Third-party governance in supply chainsLu, Q. ; Goh, M. ; Thangarajoo, R. ; De Souza, R.
Apr-2011TOPS: Advanced decision support system for port and maritime chemical logisticsWu, X. ; Oh, H.C.; Karimi, I.A. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2008Trade facilitation in logistics services: Some evidence from a express delivery service providerLing, C.S.; Garg, M. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
2008Understanding aesthetics design for e-commerce Web sites: A cognitive-affective frameworkCai, S. ; Xu, Y. ; Yu, J. ; De Souza, R.