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14-Mar-2012A systematic study of DNA conformation in slitlike confinementDai, L.; Jones, J.J.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. ; Doyle, P.S.
Nov-2013Amplified stretch of bottlebrush-coated DNA in nanofluidic channelsZhang, C.; Hernandez-Garcia, A.; Jiang, K.; Gong, Z.; Guttula, D.; Ng, S.Y.; Malar, P.P. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Dai, L.; Doyle, P.S.; De Vries, R.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. 
2013Analysis of PFPE lubricating film in NEMS application via molecular dynamics simulationDai, L.; Satyanarayana, N. ; Sinha, S.K.; Tan, V.B.C. 
Feb-2007Charge structure and counterion distribution in hexagonal DNA liquid crystalDai, L.; Mu, Y.; Nordenskiöld, L.; Lapp, A.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. 
Jul-2010Coherent control of long-distance steady-state entanglement in lossy resonator arraysAngelakis, D.G.; Dai, L.; Kwek, L.C. 
2011Correlations and thermalization in driven cavity arraysDai, L.; Angelakis, D.G.; Kwek, L.C. ; Mancini, S.
Dec-2011Cross-country IPOs: What explains differences in underpricing?Banerjee, S.; Dai, L.; Shrestha, K. 
2012Effect of nanoslit confinement on the knotting probability of circular DNADai, L.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. ; Doyle, P.S.
2010Engineering quantum cloning through maximal entanglement between boundary qubits in an open spin chainDai, L.; Feng, Y.P. ; Kwek, L.C. 
8-Apr-2014Extended de gennes regime of DNA confined in a nanochannelDai, L.; Van Der Maarel, J. ; Doyle, P.S.
Mar-2010Identification of broadly discriminatory tissue biomarkers of synovitis with binary and multicategory receiver operating characteristic analysisOgdie, A.; Li, J. ; Dai, L.; Paessler, M.E.; Yu, X.; Diaz-Torne, C.; Akmatov, M.; Schumacher, H.R.; Pessler, F.
18-Mar-2008Molecular dynamics simulation of multivalent-ion mediated attraction between DNA moleculesDai, L.; Mu, Y.; Nordenskiöld, L.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. 
8-Feb-2012Realizing the multiparticle Hanbury Brown-Twiss interferometer using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond crystalsDai, L.; Kwek, L.C. 
18-Apr-2013Revisiting blob theory for DNA diffusivity in slitlike confinementDai, L.; Tree, D.R.; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. ; Dorfman, K.D.; Doyle, P.S.
8-Aug-2013The Relative Composition of the Inflammatory Infiltrate as an Additional Tool for Synovial Tissue ClassificationDella Beffa, C.; Slansky, E.; Pommerenke, C.; Klawonn, F.; Li, J. ; Dai, L.; Schumacher Jr., H.R.; Pessler, F.