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2012Can information technology bridge knowledge distance in organizational open innovation? An absorptive capacity perspectiveCui, T.; Tong, Y.; Teo, H.H. 
Jul-2012Discovery, Synthesis, and invitro Evaluation of West Nile Virus Protease Inhibitors Based on the 9,10-Dihydro-3H,4aH-1,3,9,10a-tetraazaphenanthren-4-one ScaffoldSamanta, S.; Cui, T.; Lam, Y. 
2012Effects of cultural cognitive styles on users' evaluation of website complexityCui, T.; Wang, X. ; Teo, H.H. 
2007Frequency offset tracking for OFDM systems via scattered pilots and virtual carriersCui, T.; Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A. 
2008Hydrogen peroxide enhances enterokinase-catalysed proteolytic cleavage of fusion proteinCui, T.; Gao, Y.; Ang, C.X.; Puah, C.M.; Gutte, B.; Lam, Y. 
14-Jan-2013Macroscopic broadband optical escalator with force-loaded transformation opticsGao, D.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Gao, L.; Cui, T.; Zhang, S.
Dec-2009Major Eye Diseases and Risk Factors Associated with Systemic Hypertension in an Adult Chinese Population. The Beijing Eye StudyWang, S.; Xu, L.; Jonas, J.B.; Wong, T.Y. ; Cui, T.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.X.; You, Q.S.; Yang, H.; Sun, C.
2008Maximum likelihood based estimation of frequency and phase offset in DCT OFDM systems under non-circular transmissions: Algorithms, analysis and comparisonsGao, F.; Cui, T.; Nallanathan, A. ; Tellambura, C.
2007Maximum likelihood detection and optimal code design for differential unitary space-time modulation with carrier frequency offsetCui, T.; Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A. ; Tellambura, C.
2007ML CFO and PO estimation in DCT OFDM systems under non-circular transmissionsCui, T.; Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A. ; Tellambura, C.
2011Strategies of crisis management from contingent perspectivePing, J.W.; Cui, T.; Pan, S.L. 
1-Feb-2010Synthesis and disulfide bond connectivity-activity studies of a kalata B1-inspired cyclopeptide against dengue NS2B-NS3 proteaseGao, Y.; Cui, T.; Lam, Y. 
Sep-2013Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of west nile virus protease inhibitors based on the 1,3,4,5-tetrasubstituted 1H-Pyrrol-2(5H)-one scaffoldGao, Y.; Samanta, S.; Cui, T.; Lam, Y. 
2011Value co-creation with customers through design toolkits: The importance of preference fit and psychological ownershipCui, T.; Ye, H.; Teo, H.H.