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2009A neutralizing human monoclonal antibody protects against lethal disease in a new ferret model of acute Nipah virus infectionBossart K.N.; Zhu Z.; Middleton D.; Klippel J.; Crameri G.; Bingham J.; McEachern J.A.; Green D.; Hancock T.J.; Chan Y.-P.; Hickey A.C.; Dimitrov D.S.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.
2013Duration of Maternal Antibodies against Canine Distemper Virus and Hendra Virus in Pteropid BatsEpstein J.H.; Baker M.L.; Zambrana-Torrelio C.; Middleton D.; Barr J.A.; DuBovi E.; Boyd V.; Pope B.; Todd S.; Crameri G.; Walsh A.; Pelican K.; Fielder M.D.; Davies A.J.; Wang L.-F. ; Daszak P.
2016Hendra virus infection dynamics in the grey-headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) at the southern-most extent of its range: Further evidence this species does not readily transmit the virus to horsesBurroughs A.L.; Durr P.A.; Boyd V.; Graham K.; White J.R.; Todd S.; Barr J.; Smith I.; Baverstock G.; Meers J.; Crameri G.; Wang L.-F. 
2012Henipavirus neutralising antibodies in an isolated island population of African fruit batsPeel A.J.; Baker K.S.; Crameri G.; Barr J.A.; Hayman D.T.S.; Wright E.; Broder C.C.; Fernández-Loras A.; Fooks A.R.; Wang L.-F. ; Cunningham A.A.; Wood J.L.N.
2018Hervey virus: Study on co-circulation with Henipaviruses in Pteropid bats within their distribution range from Australia to AfricaKohl C.; Tachedjian M.; Todd S.; Monaghan P.; Boyd V.; Marsh G.A.; Crameri G.; Field H.; Kurth A.; Smith I.; Wang L.-F. 
2011Identifying hendra virus diversity in pteropid batsSmith I.; Broos A.; de Jong C.; Zeddeman A.; Smith C.; Smith G.; Moore F.; Barr J.; Crameri G.; Marsh G.; Tachedjian M.; Yu M.; Kung Y.H.; Wang L.-F. ; Field H.
2014Serological Evidence of Henipavirus Exposure in Cattle, Goats and Pigs in BangladeshChowdhury S.; Khan S.U.; Crameri G.; Epstein J.H.; Broder C.C.; Islam A.; Peel A.J.; Barr J.; Daszak P.; Wang L.-F. ; Luby S.P.