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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011A general strategy toward graphene@metal oxide core-shell nanostructures for high-performance lithium storageZhou, W.; Zhu, J.; Cheng, C.; Liu, J.; Yang, H.; Cong, C.; Guan, C.; Jia, X.; Fan, H.J.; Yan, Q.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
Oct-2013Comparison of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and graphene surfacesYang, H.; Hu, H.; Ni, Z.; Poh, C.K.; Cong, C.; Lin, J.; Yu, T. 
2013Contrast and Raman spectroscopy study of single-and few-layered charge density wave material: 2H-TaSe2Hajiyev, P.; Cong, C.; Qiu, C.; Yu, T. 
11-Jun-2012Direct observation of inner and outer G′ band double-resonance Raman scattering in free standing grapheneLuo, Z.; Cong, C.; Zhang, J.; Xiong, Q.; Yu, T. 
28-Aug-2011Fabrication of Co3O4-reduced graphene oxide scrolls for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesZhou, W.; Liu, J.; Chen, T.; Tan, K.S.; Jia, X.; Luo, Z.; Cong, C.; Yang, H.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
18-Oct-2010Femtosecond UV-pump/visible-probe measurements of carrier dynamics in stacked graphene filmsShang, J.; Luo, Z.; Cong, C.; Lin, J.; Yu, T. ; Gurzadyan, G.G.
28-Dec-2010Hysteresis of electronic transport in graphene transistorsWang, H.; Wu, Y. ; Cong, C.; Shang, J.; Yu, T.
23-Dec-2013Nonblinking, intense two-dimensional light emitter: Monolayer WS 2 TrianglesPeimyoo, N.; Shang, J.; Cong, C.; Shen, X.; Wu, X.; Yeow, E.K.L.; Yu, T. 
Jan-2013Observation of low-wavenumber out-of-plane optical phonon in few-layer grapheneShang, J.; Cong, C.; Zhang, J.; Xiong, Q.; Gurzadyan, G.G.; Yu, T. 
2012Probing near Dirac point electron-phonon interaction in grapheneShang, J.; Yan, S.; Cong, C.; Tan, H.-S.; Yu, T. ; Gurzadyan, G.G.
22-Nov-2011Raman characterization of ABA- and ABC-stacked trilayer grapheneCong, C.; Yu, T. ; Sato, K.; Shang, J.; Saito, R.; Dresselhaus, G.F.; Dresselhaus, M.S.
11-Jul-2011Raman spectra of out-of-plane phonons in bilayer grapheneSato, K.; Park, J.S.; Saito, R.; Cong, C.; Yu, T. ; Lui, C.H.; Heinz, T.F.; Dresselhaus, G.; Dresselhaus, M.S.
9-Sep-2013Raman spectroscopy study of lattice vibration and crystallographic orientation of monolayer mos2 under uniaxial strainWang, Y.; Cong, C.; Qiu, C.; Yu, T. 
22-Mar-2011Second-order overtone and combination raman modes of graphene layers in the range of 1690-2150 cm-1Cong, C.; Yu, T. ; Saito, R.; Dresselhaus, G.F.; Dresselhaus, M.S.
20-Dec-2010Self-limited oxidation: A route to form graphene layers from graphite by one-step heatingCong, C.; Yu, T. ; Wang, H.; Zheng, K.; Gao, P.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Q.
10-Oct-2013Strong magnetophonon resonance induced triple G-mode splitting in graphene on graphite probed by micromagneto Raman spectroscopyQiu, C.; Shen, X.; Cao, B.; Cong, C.; Saito, R.; Yu, J.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Yu, T. 
Feb-2014Synthesis and optical properties of large-area single-crystalline 2D semiconductor WS2 monolayer from chemical vapor depositionCong, C.; Shang, J.; Wu, X.; Cao, B.; Peimyoo, N.; Qiu, C.; Sun, L.; Yu, T. 
Sep-2012The origin of sub-bands in the Raman D-band of grapheneLuo, Z.; Cong, C.; Zhang, J.; Xiong, Q.; Yu, T. 
Jan-2012Thickness-dependent azobenzene doping in mono- and few-layer graphenePeimyoo, N.; Yu, T. ; Shang, J.; Cong, C.; Yang, H.
2012Uniform decoration of reduced graphene oxide sheets with gold nanoparticlesYang, H.; Zhou, W.; Yu, B.; Wang, Y.; Cong, C.; Yu, T.