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20-Sep-2004A novel cyclic enkephalin analogue with potent opioid antagonist activityWeltrowska, G.; Lu, Y. ; Lemieux, C.; Chung, N.N.; Schiller, P.W.
8-Apr-2010"carba"-analogues of fentanyl are opioid receptor agonistsWeltrowska, G.; Chung, N.N.; Lemieux, C.; Guo, J.; Lu, Y. ; Wilkes, B.C.; Schiller, P.W.
27-Aug-2012Epidemic spreading induced by diversity of agents' mobilityZhou, J.; Chung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
Jun-2012Impact of edge removal on the centrality betweenness of the best spreadersChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Zhou, J.; Lai, C.H. 
Oct-2013Influence of network structure on cooperative dynamics in coupled socio-ecological systemsChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
3-Jan-2012Network extreme eigenvalue: From mutimodal to scale-free networksChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
25-Sep-2008Novel opioid peptide derived antagonists containing (2S)-2-methyl-3-(2,6- dimethyl-4-carbamoylphenyl)propanoic acid [(2S)-Mdcp]Ghosh, A. ; Luo, J.; Liu, C.; Weltrowska, G.; Lemieux, C.; Chung, N.N.; Lu, Y. ; Schiller, P.W.
24-Aug-2006Replacement of the N-terminal tyrosine residue in opioid peptides with 3-(2,6-dimethyl-4-carbamoylphenyl)propanoic acid (Dcp) results in novel opioid antagonistsLu, Y. ; Lum, T.K.; Augustine, Y.W.L.; Weltrowska, G.; Nguyen, T.M.-D.; Lemieux, C.; Chung, N.N.; Schiller, P.W.
Mar-2013Spectral analysis on explosive percolationChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H.