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Mar-2011Activated oncogenic pathways and therapeutic targets in extranodal nasal-type NK/T cell lymphoma revealed by gene expression profilingNg, S.-B.; Selvarajan, V.; Huang, G. ; Zhou, J. ; Feldman, A.L.; Law, M.; Kwong, Y.-L.; Shimizu, N.; Kagami, Y.; Aozasa, K.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chng, W.-J.
Nov-2011Celastrol inhibits proliferation and induces chemosensitization through down-regulation of NF-κB and STAT3 regulated gene products in multiple myeloma cellsKannaiyan, R.; Hay, H.S. ; Rajendran, P.; Li, F.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Vali, S.; Abbasi, T.; Kapoor, S.; Sharma, A.; Kumar, A.P. ; Chng, W.-J.; Sethi, G.
Jun-2011Clinical and biological implications of MYC activation: A common difference between MGUS and newly diagnosed multiple myelomaChng, W.-J.; Huang, G.F. ; Chung, T.H. ; Ng, S.B.; Gonzalez-Paz, N.; Troska-Price, T.; Mulligan, G.; Chesi, M.; Bergsagel, P.L.; Fonseca, R.
Oct-2013Deregulated MIR335 that targets MAPK1 is implicated in poor outcome of paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaYan, J. ; Jiang, N.; Huang, G. ; Tay, J.L.-S.; Lin, B.; Bi, C.; Koh, G.S.; Li, Z.; Tan, J.; Chung, T.-H. ; Lu, Y.; Ariffin, H.; Kham, S.K.Y.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Chng, W.-J.
3-Nov-2011Dysregulated microRNAs affect pathways and targets of biologic relevance in nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphomaNg, S.-B.; Yan, J. ; Huang, G. ; Selvarajan, V.; Tay, J.L.-S.; Lin, B.; Bi, C.; Tan, J.; Kwong, Y.-L.; Shimizu, N.; Aozasa, K.; Chng, W.-J.
2009Enhanced activation of STAT pathways and overexpression of survivin confer resistance to FLT3 inhibitors and could be therapeutic targets in AMLZhou, J. ; Bi, C.; Janakakumara, J.V. ; Liu, S.-C.; Chng, W.-J.; Tay, K.-G. ; Poon, L.-F. ; Xie, Z. ; Palaniyandi, S. ; Chen, C.-S. ; Yu, H. ; Glaser, K.B.; Albert, D.H.; Davidsen, S.K.
10-Jun-2012In vivo efficacy of a novel liposomal formulation of safingol in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemiaTan, K.-B.; Ling, L.-U.; Bunte, R.M. ; Chng, W.-J.; Chiu, G.N.C. 
May-2013LIN28/LIN28B: An emerging oncogenic driver in cancer stem cellsZhou, J. ; Ng, S.-B.; Chng, W.-J.
Nov-2009Post-treatment tumor gene expression signatures are more predictive of treatment outcomes than baseline signatures in breast cancerLee, S.-C. ; Xu, X. ; Chng, W.-J.; Watson, M.; Lim, Y.-W.; Wong, C.-I.; Iau, P.; Sukri, N.; Lim, S.-E.; Yap, H.-L. ; Buhari, S.A.; Tan, P.; Guo, J. ; Chuah, B.; McLeod, H.L.; Goh, B.-C.
2011PRL-3, a metastasis associated tyrosine phosphatase, is involved in FLT3-ITD signaling and implicated in anti-aml therapyZhou, J. ; Bi, C.; Chng, W.-J.; Cheong, L.-L.; Liu, S.-C.; Mahara, S. ; Tay, K.-G. ; Zeng, Q.; Li, J.; Guo, K.; Tan, C.P.B.; Yu, H. ; Albert, D.H.; Chen, C.-S.
May-2013Roles of thioredoxin binding protein (TXNIP) in oxidative stress, apoptosis and cancerZhou, J. ; Chng, W.-J.
Dec-2011TXNIP (VDUP-1, TBP-2): A major redox regulator commonly suppressed in cancer by epigenetic mechanismsZhou, J. ; Yu, Q.; Chng, W.-J.