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2003Immunocytochemistry versus molecular fingerprinting of metastasesSalto-Tellez, M. ; Zhang, D. ; Nilsson, B. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Chiu, L.L.; Wang, S.C. 
1992Intergeneric hybrids between Saccharomycopsis fibuligera and Yarrowia lipolyticaNga, B.H. ; Abu, Bakar F.D.; Loh, G.H.; Chiu, L.L.; Harashima, S.; Oshima, Y.; Heslot, H.
Aug-2004Lactacystin-induced apoptosis of cultured mouse cortical neurons is associated with accumulation of PTEN in the detergent-resistant membrane fractionCheung, N.S.; Choy, M.S. ; Halliwell, B.; Teo, T.S.; Bay, B.H.; Lee, A.Y.-W.; Qi, R.Z.; Koh, V.H.; Whiteman, M.; Koay, E.S.-C.; Chiu, L.L.; Zhu, H.-J.; Wong, K.P.; Beart, P.M.; Cheng, H.-C.
2004Microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer: Considerations for molecular diagnosis and high-throughput screening of archival tissuesSalto-Tellez, M. ; Lee, C.K.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Chiu, L.L.; Lee, S.C.
1997Molecular Studies of Loss of Heterozygosity in RetinoblastomaChiu, L.L.; Lai, P.S. ; Low, P.S.; Chee, C.K.L.; Wong, P.K.; Ling, Y.L.F.; Cheong, P.Y.Y.; Lim, A.S.M. 
1994Occurrence of genetic segregation in a putative haploid strain of Endomyces fibuliger met by spontaneous sectoring of protoplast fusantsNga, B.H. ; Chiu, L.L.; Koh, S.I.; Yip, C.W.; Harashima, S.; Oshima, Y.
2003Sequence Confirmation of the EWS-WT1 Fusion Gene Transcript in the Peritoneal Effusion of a Patient with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell TumorChiu, L.L.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Saito-Tellez, M. ; Chan, N.H.
2003Tissue microarray study for classification of breast tumours.Zhang, D.H. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chiu, L.L.; Shen, L.; Koay, E.S. 
1995Variation of electrophoretic karyotypes in genetically different strains of Saccharomycopsis fibuligera and Yarrowia lipolyticaNga, B.H. ; Yip, C.W.; Koh, S.I.; Chiu, L.L.