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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200650 nm silicon-on-insulator N-MOSFET featuring multiple stressors: Silicon-carbon source/drain regions and tensile stress silicon nitride linerAng, K.-W.; Chui, K.-J.; Chin, H.-C.; Foo, Y.-L.; Du, A.; Deng, W.; Li, M.-F. ; Samudra, G. ; Balasubramanian, N.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008A new salicidation process with solid Antimony (Sb) segregation (SSbS) for achieving sub-0.1 eV effective schottky barrier height and parasitic series resistance reduction in N-channel transistorsWong, H.-S.; Koh, A.T.-Y.; Chin, H.-C.; Lee, R.T.-P. ; Chan, L.; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2010A new self-aligned contact technology for III-V MOSFETsGuo, H.; Zhang, X.; Chin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Koh, S.-M.; Zhan, C.; Luo, G.-L.; Chang, C.-Y.; Lin, H.-Y.; Chien, C.-H.; Han, Z.-Y.; Huang, S.-C.; Cheng, C.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Wann, C.H.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008A new silane-ammonia surface passivation technology for realizing inversion-type surface-channel aAs N-MOSFET with 160 nm gate length and high-quality metal-gate/high-k dielectric stackChin, H.-C.; Zhu, M. ; Lee, Z.-C.; Liu, X.; Tan, K.-M.; Lee, H.K.; Shi, L. ; Tang, L.-J.; Tung, C.-H. ; Lo, G.-Q.; Tan, L.-S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2007Carrier backscattering characteristics of strained N-MOSFET featuring silicon-carbon source/drain regionsAng, K.-W.; Chin, H.-C.; Chui, K.-J.; Li, M.-F. ; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Nov-2007Carrier backscattering characteristics of strained silicon-on-insulator n-MOSFETs featuring silicon-carbon source/drain regionsAng, K.-W.; Chin, H.-C.; Chui, K.-J.; Li, M.-F. ; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2006Carrier transport characteristics of Sub-30 nm strained N-channel FinFETs featuring silicon-carbon source/drain regions and methods for further performance enhancementLiow, T.-Y.; Tan, K.-M.; Chin, H.-C.; Lee, R.T.P. ; Tung, C.-H.; Samudra, G.S. ; Balasubramanian, N.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2010Diamond-like carbon (DLC) liner with highly compressive stress formed on algan/gan mos-hemts with in situ silane surface passivation for performance enhancementLiu, X.; Liu, B.; Low, E.K.F.; Chin, H.-C.; Liu, W.; Yang, M.; Tan, L.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008Epitaxial growth of single crystalline Ge films on GaAs substrates for CMOS device integrationChin, H.-C.; Zhu, M. ; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008Fabrication of gate stack with high gate work function for implantless enhancement-mode GaAs n -channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor applicationsZhu, M. ; Chin, H.-C.; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008Fabrication of p-MOSFETs on germanium epitaxially grown on gallium arsenide substrate by chemical vapor depositionZhu, M. ; Chin, H.-C.; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2010Fluorine incorporation in hfalo gate dielectric for defect passivation and effect on electrical characteristics of In0.53 Ga0.47 As n-MOSFETsChin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Wang, L.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2013Germanium multiple-gate field-effect transistors formed on germanium-on-insulator substrateLiu, B.; Gong, X.; Zhan, C.; Han, G. ; Chin, H.-C.; Ling, M.-L.; Li, J.; Liu, Y.; Hu, J.; Daval, N.; Veytizou, C.; Delprat, D.; Nguyen, B.-Y.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Jan-2010High-permittivity dielectric stack on gallium nitride formed by silane surface passivation and metal-organic chemical vapor depositionLiu, X.; Chin, H.-C.; Tan, L.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2010III-V MOSFETs with a new self-aligned contactZhang, X.; Guo, H.; Ko, C.-H.; Wann, C.H.; Cheng, C.-C.; Lin, H.-Y.; Chin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Lim, P.S.Y.; Luo, G.-L.; Chang, C.-Y.; Chien, C.-H.; Han, Z.-Y.; Huang, S.-C.; Yeo., Y.-C. 
2010III-V MOSFETs: Surface passivation for gate stack, source/drain and channel strain engineering, self-aligned contact metallizationYeo, Y.-C. ; Chin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Guo, H.; Zhang, X.
Feb-2011III-V multiple-gate field-effect transistors with high-mobility In 0.7Ga0.3As channel and epi-controlled retrograde-doped FinChin, H.-C.; Gong, X.; Wang, L.; Lee, H.K.; Shi, L.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2007In situ silane passivation of gallium arsenide and deposition of high-permittivity gate dielectric for MOS applicationsZhu, M. ; Chin, H.-C.; Tung, C.-H.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Jun-2008In situ surface passivation and CMOS-compatible palladium-germanium contacts for surface-channel gallium arsenide MOSFETsChin, H.-C.; Zhu, M. ; Tung, C.-H.; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Jan-2011In situ surface passivation of gallium nitride for metalOrganic chemical vapor deposition of high-permittivity gate dielectricLiu, X.; Chin, H.-C.; Tan, L.-S. ; Yeo, Y.-C.