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Nov-2011Anticancer platinum (IV) prodrugs with novel modes of activityChin, C.F.; Wong, D.Y.Q.; Jothibasu, R. ; Ang, W.H. 
1-Jan-2012Dependence of Chs2 ER export on dephosphorylation by cytoplasmic Cdc14 ensures that septum formation follows mitosisChin, C.F.; Bennett, A.M.; Ma, W.K.; Hall, M.C.; Yeong, F.M. 
Jan-2014Enhanced cytotoxicity to cancer cells by mitochondria-targeting MWCNTs containing platinum(IV) prodrug of cisplatinYoong, S.L.; Wong, B.S.; Zhou, Q.L.; Chin, C.F.; Li, J. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Ho, H.K. ; Yu, V.; Ang, W.H. ; Pastorin, G. 
Jan-2014P-glycoprotein and vacuolar ATPase synergistically confer anthracycline resistance to fission yeast and human cellsTay, Z.; Koo, S.H.; Nguyen, T.T.T.; Tan, T.S.; Chen, M.L.; Chin, C.F.; Lim, K.K.; Ang, W.H. ; Bay, B.H.; Lee, E.J.D.; Chen, E.S. 
Jun-2012Platinum(iv) prodrugs entrapped within multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Selective release by chemical reduction and hydrophobicity reversalLi, J. ; Yap, S.Q.; Chin, C.F.; Tian, Q. ; Yoong, S.L.; Pastorin, G. ; Ang, W.H. 
2014Ratiometric delivery of cisplatin and doxorubicin using tumour-targeting carbon-nanotubes entrapping platinum(iv) prodrugsChin, C.F.; Yap, S.Q.; Li, J. ; Pastorin, G.; Ang, W.H. 
28-Nov-2011Rotaxanes with Palladium(ii)-NHC stoppersHuynh, H.V. ; Sim, W.; Chin, C.F.
13-Sep-2012Tuning the activity of platinum(IV) anticancer complexes through asymmetric acylationChin, C.F.; Tian, Q. ; Setyawati, M.I.; Fang, W. ; Tan, E.S.Q. ; Leong, D.T. ; Ang, W.H.