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Apr-2005Demonstration of site-directed recombination in transgenic zebrafish using the Cre/loxP systemPan, X. ; Wan, H.; Chia, W.; Tong, Y. ; Gong, Z. 
18-Aug-2003Distinct roles of Gαi and Gβ13F subunits of the heterotrimeric G protein complex in the mediation of Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisionsYu, F. ; Cai, Y.; Kaushik, R.; Yang, X.; Chia, W.
2006Drosophila homologs of mammalian TNF/TNFR-related molecules regulate segregation of Miranda/Prospero in neuroblastsWang, H.; Yang, X. ; Cai, Y. ; Chia, W.
2003F3/contactin acts as a functional ligand for notch during oligodendrocyte maturationHu, Q.-D.; Ang, B.-T. ; Cui, X.-Y.; Duka, T.; Chia, W.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Ng, Y.-K. ; Ling, E.-A. ; Karsak, M.; Schachner, M.; Hu, W.-P.; Takeda, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Sankar, N.; Maciag, T.; Small, D.; Trifonova, R.; Kopan, R.; Okano, H.; Nakafuku, M.; Chiba, S.; Hirai, H.; Aster, J.C.; Pallen, C.J.
16-Nov-2010Interplay between the Transcription Factor Zif and aPKC Regulates Neuroblast Polarity and Self-RenewalChang, K.C.; Garcia-Alvarez, G.; Somers, G.; Sousa-Nunes, R.; Rossi, F.; Lee, Y.Y.; Soon, S.B.; Gonzalez, C.; Chia, W.; Wang, H. 
1993P element-mediated germ-line transformation of Drosophila.O'Connor, M. ; Chia, W.
1-May-2003The Drosophila EAST protein associates with a nuclear remnant during mitosis and constrains chromosome mobilityWasser, M. ; Chia, W.