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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012Atropine for the treatment of childhood Myopia: Safety and efficacy of 0.5%, 0.1%, and 0.01% doses (Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia 2)Chia, A.; Chua, W.-H.; Cheung, Y.-B. ; Wong, W.-L.; Lingham, A.; Fong, A.; Tan, D.
2009Cycloplegic refraction in preschool children: Comparisons between the hand-held autorefractor, table-mounted autorefractor and retinoscopyPrabakaran, S. ; Fan, Q.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Dirani, M.; Chia, A.; Ling, Y.; Gazzard, G.; Leo, S.-W.; Au, Eong K.-G. 
2014DoDo game, a color vision deficiency screening test for young childrenNguyen, L.-C. ; Do, E.Y.-L.; Chia, A.; Wang, Y. ; Duh, H.B.-L. 
Nov-2007Effects of surface treatment and aging on the bond strength of orthodontic brackets to provisional materialsChay, S.H. ; Wong, S.L.; Mohamed, N.; Chia, A.; Jin Yap, A.U. 
2006Electrophysiological findings in patients with dengue-related maculopathyChia, A.; Mathur, R.; Cheng, B.; Chee, S.P. ; Luu, C.D.
Jun-2013Full-field electroretinogram findings in children in the atropine treatment for myopia (ATOM2) studyChia, A.; Li, W. ; Tan, D.; Luu, C.D.
2008Host ethnicity and virus genotype shape the hepatitis B virus-specific T-cell repertoireTan, A.O.; Chia, A.; Gehring, A.J.; Sastry, K.S.R.; Goh, V.; Bertoletti, A. ; Tan, A.O.; Seng, G.L. ; Loggi, E.; Andreone, P.; Boni, C.; Fisicaro, P.; Ferrari, C.; Brander, C.; Bihl, F.
Jul-2011Influence of blood pressure on retinal vascular caliber in young childrenLi, L.-J.; Cheung, C.Y.-L.; Liu, Y.; Chia, A.; Selvaraj, P.; Lin, X.-Y. ; Chan, Y.-M.; Varma, R.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
Nov-2010Is the pediatric quality of life inventory valid for use in preschool children with refractive errors?Lamoureux, E.L.; Marella, M.; Chang, B.; Dirani, M.; Kah-Guan, A.E.; Chia, A.; Young, T.L. ; Wong, T.Y.; Saw, S.M. 
2007Ocular dominance, laterality, and refraction in Singaporean childrenChia, A.; Tan, D.; Saw, S.M. ; Jaurigue, A. ; Wang, Y.; Gazzard, G.; Stone, R.A.
Aug-2009Outdoor activity and myopia in Singapore teenage childrenDirani, M.; Tong, L.; Gazzard, G.; Zhang, X.; Chia, A.; Young, T.L. ; Rose, K.A.; Mitchell, P.; Saw, S.-M. 
Feb-2011Peripheral refraction and refractive error in Singapore Chinese childrenSng, C.C.A.; Lin, X.-Y. ; Gazzard, G.; Chang, B.; Dirani, M.; Chia, A.; Selvaraj, P.; Ian, K.; Drobe, B.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
Dec-2010Prevalence and causes of decreased visual acuity in Singaporean Chinese preschoolersDirani, M.; Zhou, B.; Hornbeak, D.; Chang, B.C.; Gazzard, G.; Chia, A.; Ling, Y.; Selvaraj, P.; Young, T.L. ; Varma, R.; Wong, T.Y.; Saw, S.M. 
Jul-2010Prevalence of amblyopia and strabismus in young singaporean chinese childrenChia, A.; Dirani, M.; Chan, Y.-H.; Gazzard, G.; Au Eong, K.-G.; Selvaraj, P.; Ling, Y.; Quah, B.-L.; Young, T.L. ; Mitchell, P.; Varma, R.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
2008Red-green colour blindness in Singaporean childrenChia, A.; Gazzard, G.; Tong, L. ; Zhang, X.; Sim, E.-L. ; Fong, A.; Saw, S.M. 
Jun-2013Risk factors for strabismus and amblyopia in young Singapore Chinese childrenChia, A.; Lin, X. ; Dirani, M.; Gazzard, G.; Ramamurthy, D. ; Quah, B.-L.; Chang, B.; Ling, Y.; Leo, S.-W.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
Apr-2012Suicide in young singaporeans aged 10-24 years between 2000 to 2004Loh, C.; Tai, B.-C. ; Ng, W.-Y. ; Chia, A.; Chia, B.-H.
Jan-2008Suicide letters in SingaporeChia, B.-H.; Chia, A.; Tai, B.-C. 
Oct-2011Suicide methods in Singapore (2000-2004): Types and associationsChia, B.-H.; Chia, A.; Ng, W.-Y. ; Tai, B.-C. 
Jul-2010Suicide trends in Singapore: 1955-2004Chia, B.-H.; Chia, A.; Yee, N.W. ; Choo, T.B.