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2006A note on chaotic unimodal maps and applicationsZhou, C.T.; He, X.T.; Yu, M.Y.; Chew, L.Y.; Wang, X.G. 
Mar-2004Analysis on the origin of directed current from a class of microscopic chaotic fluctuationsChew, L.Y.; Ting, C. 
Oct-2004Chaos-induced escape over a potential barrierChew, L.Y.; Ting, C.; Lai, C.H. 
Sep-2005Chaotic resonance: Two-state model with chaos-induced escape over potential barrierChew, L.Y.; Ting, C. ; Lai, C.H. 
2006Detection and interpretation of text information in noisy video sequencesChan, U.; Kassim, A. ; Chew, L.Y.
27-Aug-2012Epidemic spreading induced by diversity of agents' mobilityZhou, J.; Chung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
2008Error correction with chaotic switching between convolutional codecsNg, T.Y.; Chew, L.Y.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Jun-2012Impact of edge removal on the centrality betweenness of the best spreadersChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Zhou, J.; Lai, C.H. 
Oct-2013Influence of network structure on cooperative dynamics in coupled socio-ecological systemsChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
1-May-2002Microscopic chaos and Gaussian diffusion processesChew, L.Y.; Ting, C. 
3-Jan-2012Network extreme eigenvalue: From mutimodal to scale-free networksChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
Jul-2011Quantum entanglement and squeezing in coupled harmonic and anharmonic oscillator systemsChew, L.Y.; Chung, N.N. 
14-Dec-2013S100A9 induces aggregation-prone conformation in Abeta peptides: A combined experimental and simulation studyZhao, L.N.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, C. ; Wang, C.; Morozova-Roche, L.A.; Chew, L.Y.; Mu, Y.
Mar-2013Spectral analysis on explosive percolationChung, N.N.; Chew, L.Y.; Lai, C.H. 
Feb-2013Threshold effect and entanglement enhancement through local squeezing of initial separable states in continuous-variable systemsEr, C.H.; Chung, N.N. ; Chew, L.Y.