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2008Film informing design for contemplative gameplayMarsh, T. ; Liu, W. ; Chung, P. ; Cheok, A.D.; Nitsche, M.; Bolter, J.D.
2012Games bridging cultural communicationsCheok, A.D.; Chu, N.N.Y.; Choi, Y.; Wei, J. 
2009Huggy pajama: A parent and child hugging communication systemTeh, J.K.S.; Cheok, A.D.; Choi, Y.; Fernando, C.L.; Peiris, R.L. ; Fernando, O.N.N. 
1-Feb-2008Interactive theatre via mixed reality and Ambient IntelligenceVasilakos, A.V.; Wei, L. ; Nguyen, T.H.D.; Thien Qui, T.C.; Chen, L.C.; Boj, C.; Diaz, D.; Cheok, A.D.; Marentakis, G.
2012Keep in touch: Channel, expectation and experienceWang, R.; Quek, F.; Tatar, D.; Teh, J.K.S. ; Cheok, A.D.
2012Kissenger: Design of a kiss transmission deviceSamani, H.A. ; Parsani, R. ; Rodriguez, L.T.; Saadatian, E. ; Dissanayake, K.H.; Cheok, A.D.
2012Let's have dinner together: Evaluate the mediated co-dining experienceWei, J.; Cheok, A.D.; Nakatsu, R. 
Oct-2013Light perfume: A fashion accessory for synchronization of nonverbal communicationChoi, Y.; Parsani, R.; Roman, X. ; Pandey, A.V.; Cheok, A.D.
2012Light perfume: Designing a wearable lighting and olfactory accessory for empathic interactionsChoi, Y. ; Parsani, R.; Roman, X. ; Pandey, A.V.; Cheok, A.D.
2012Sound perfume: Building positive impression during face-to-face communicationChoi, Y. ; Parsani, R.; Roman, X. ; Pandey, A.V.; Cheok, A.D.
2012Taste/IP: The sensation of taste for digital communicationRanasinghe, N.; Cheok, A.D.; Nakatsu, R.