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2007An analytical model for progressive mesh streamingCheng, W.; Ooi, W.T. ; Mondet, S.; Grigoras, R.; Morin, G.
2007Authenticating kNN query results in data publishingCheng, W.; Tan, K.-L. 
2006Authenticating multi-dimensional query results in data publishingCheng, W.; Pang, H.; Tan, K.-L. 
2009Compact and progressive plant models for streaming in networked virtual environmentsMondet, S.; Cheng, W.; Morin, G.; Grigoras, R.; Boudon, F.; Ooi, W.T. 
4-Apr-2014Fat storage-inducing transmembrane protein 2 is required for normal fat storage in adipose tissueMiranda, D.A. ; Kim, J.-H.; Nguyen, L.N.; Cheng, W.; Tan, B.C.; Goh, V.J.; Tan, J.S.Y.; Yaligar, J.; Kn, B.P.; Velan, S.S.; Wang, H.; Silver, D.L. 
2006Hunting Trojan HorsesMoffie, M.; Cheng, W.; Kaeli, D.; Zhao, Q. 
2009Integrated optimization of video server resource and streaming quality over best-effort networkYu, H. ; Chang, E.-C. ; Ooi, W.T. ; Chan, M.C. ; Cheng, W.
Mar-2013Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents for tumor diagnosisCheng, W.; Ping, Y.; Zhang, Y. ; Chuang, K.-H.; Liu, Y.
2011Modeling progressive mesh streaming: Does data dependency matter?Cheng, W.; Ooi, W.T. ; Mondet, S.; Grigoras, R.; Morin, G.
1995Multi-objective optimization of part-building orientation in stereolithographyCheng, W.; Fuh, F.Y.H. ; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Loh, H.T. ; Miyazawa, T. 
2009Peer-assisted view-dependent progressive mesh streamingCheng, W.; Liu, D.; Ooi, W.T. 
2014PH- and redox-responsive poly(ethylene glycol) and cholesterol-conjugated poly(amido amine)s based micelles for controlled drug deliveryCheng, W.; Kumar, J.N.; Zhang, Y. ; Liu, Y.
2009Query assurance verification for outsourced multi-dimensional databasesCheng, W.; Tan, K.-L. 
2008Receiver-driven view-dependent streaming of progressive meshCheng, W.; Ooi, W.T. 
2009Separating authentication from query execution in outsourced databasesPapadopoulos, S.; Papadias, D.; Cheng, W.; Tan, K.-L. 
Dec-2003Steel-reinforced concrete joints under reversal cyclic loadSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Jiang, D.; Cheng, W.
14-May-2011Synthesis of CuInS2-ZnS alloyed nanocubes with high luminescenceTang, X. ; Cheng, W.; Choo, E.S.G.; Xue, J. 
2009Towards characterizing user interaction with progressively transmitted 3D meshesDe Silva, R.N. ; Cheng, W.; Liu, D.; Ooi, W.T. ; Zhao, S. 
2011Towards peer-assisted rendering in networked virtual environmentsZhu, M.; Mondet, S.; Morin, G.; Ooi, W.T. ; Cheng, W.
2010Towards understanding user tolerance to network latency and data rate in remote viewing of progressive meshesDe Silva, R.N. ; Cheng, W.; Ooi, W.T. ; Zhao, S.