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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A novel dispersion monitoring scheme by evaluating eye diagram for 100Gbit/s CS-RZ DQPSK systemsLi, Z.; Cheng, L.; Lu, C.; Yu, C. 
31-Aug-2006Aquatic heteroptera (insecta: Gerromorpha and nepomorpha) from xishuangbanna, Yunnan, ChinaCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Li, D. ; Liu, H.
2008Asymmetric organocatalytic Michael addition of ketones to vinyl sulfoneZhu, Q.; Cheng, L.; Lu, Y. 
2013Breast cancer detection of large size to DCIS by hypoxia and angiogenesis using NIRSNioka, S.; Shnall, M.; Conant, E.; Wang, S.C. ; Reynolds, V.B. ; Ching, B.C.; Swan, J.H.T.; Chung, P.C.; Cheng, L.; Shieh, D.; Lin, Y.; Chung, C.; Tseng, S.H.; Chance, B.
2010CD insensitive PMD monitoring by using FBG Notch Filter in 57-Gbit/s D8PSK and 38-Gbit/s DQPSK systemsYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tarn, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
17-Jan-2011CD-insensitive PMD monitoring based on RF power measurementYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tam, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
2007Direct asymmetric three-component organocatalytic anti-selective Mannich reactions in a purely aqueous systemCheng, L.; Wu, X. ; Lu, Y. 
31-Aug-2006Effects of shore height and visitor pressure on the diversity and distribution of four intertidal taxa at Labrador beach, SingaporeHuang, D. ; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. ; Ang, K.H.; Boon, P.Y.; Cheng, L.; Ling, H.; Lee, W.-J.
2007Facile cleavage of ethers in ionic liquidCheng, L.; Aw, C.; Ong, S.S.; Lu, Y. 
15-Jul-2001Guide to aquatic heteroptera of Singapore and peninsular Malaysia. Introduction and key to familiesCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Polhemus, J.T.
15-Jul-2001Guide to the aquatic heteroptera of Singapore andpeninsular Malaysia. I. Gerridae and hermatobatidaeCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Andersen, N.M.
2007Highly diastereoselective and enantioselective direct organocatalytic anti-selective Mannich reactions employing N-tosyliminesCheng, L.; Han, X.; Huang, H.; Wong, M.W. ; Lu, Y. 
2013Impairment of anatomical brain network in Alzheimer's disease: A study based on diffusion tensor tractographyYan, X.; Sun, J.; Fang, R.; Sun, Y. ; Cheng, L.; Miao, F.; Chen, S.; Tong, S.
2013Interactions between Social/ behavioral factors and ADRB2 genotypes may be associated with health at advanced ages in ChinaZeng, Y.; Cheng, L.; Zhao, L.; Tan, Q.; Feng, Q. ; Chen, H.; Shen, K.; Li, J.; Zhang, F.; Cao, H.; Gregory, S.G.; Yang, Z.; Gu, J.; Tao, W.; Tian, X.-L.; Hauser, E.R.
1-Jun-2010Linear photonic radio frequency phase shifter using a differential-group- delay element and an optical phase modulatorYu, C. ; Li, Z.; Dong, Y.; Cheng, L.; Lui, L.F.K.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tam, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
Jan-2011Modelling of multi-bodies in close proximity under water waves-Fluid resonance in narrow gapsLu, L.; Teng, B.; Cheng, L.; Sun, L. ; Chen, X.
2008Novel synthetic luteolin analogue-caused sensitization of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced apoptosis in human tumor cellsCheng, L.; Tan, H.; Wu, X. ; Hu, R.; Aw, C.; Zhao, M.; Shen, H.-M. ; Lu, Y. 
Oct-2010Numerical simulation and comparison of potential flow and viscous fluid models in near trapping of narrow gapsLu, L.; Cheng, L.; Teng, B.; Sun, L. 
2010PMD insensitive CD monitoring based on RF power ratio in D8PSK and DQPSK systemsYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.
2011PMD-insensitive cd monitoring based on rf clock power ratio measurement with optical notch filterYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Yang, Y.; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tam, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.