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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A behavior-based decision-making model for energy performance contracting in building retrofitLu Y. ; Zhang N. ; Chen J.
2015Activation of TLR2 and TLR6 by Dengue NS1 Protein and Its Implications in the Immunopathogenesis of Dengue Virus InfectionChen J.; Ng M.M.-L.; Chu J.J.H. 
2014Aging exacerbates damage and delays repair of alveolar epithelia following influenza viral pneumoniaYin L.; Zheng D.; Limmon G.V.; Leung N.H.N.; Xu S.; Rajapakse J.C.; Yu H. ; Chow V.T.K. ; Chen J.
2015Behaviour change strategies for reducing blood pressure-related disease burden: Findings from a global implementation research programmePeiris D.; Thompson S.R.; Beratarrechea A.; Cárdenas, M.K.; Diez-Canseco F.; Goudge J.; Gyamfi J.; Kamano J.H.; Irazola V.; Johnson C.; Kengne A.P.; Keat N.K.; Miranda J.J.; Mohan S.; Mukasa B.; Ng E.; Nieuwlaat R.; Ogedegbe O.; Ovbiagele B.; Plange-Rhule J.; Praveen D.; Salam A.; Thorogood M.; Thrift A.G.; Vedanthan R.; Waddy S.P.; Webster J.; Webster R.; Yeates K.; Yusoff K.; Featherstone A.; McCready T.; Jan S.; Chow C.; Neal B.; Gómez-Olivé F.X.; Myakayaka N.; Kabudula C.; Limbani F.; Masilela N.; Thorogoo M.; Rodgers A.; Stephen Jan Patel; Joshi R.; MacMahon S.; Maulik P.; Bernabe-Ortiz A.; Jaime Miranda J.; Ponce-Lucero V.; Kimaiyo S.; Kofler C.; Gebregziabher M.; Warth S.; Waddy S.; Attaran A.; Yaya S.; Mills E.; Muldoon K.; de Villiers A.; Featherstone a.; Forrest J.; Kalyesubula R.; Kamwesiga J.; Lopez P.C.; Tayari J.-C.; Lopez P.; Casas J.L.; McKee M.; Zainal A.O.; Yusuf S.; Campbell N.; Kilonzo K.; Liu P.; Marr M.; Tobe S.; Feng X.; Yuan J.; He F.; MacGregor G.; Li X.; Wu Y.; Yan L.; Lin C.-P.; Zhang J.; Ma J.; Ma Y.; Wang H.; Nowson C.; Moodie M.; Kalyanram K.; Kartik K.; Sudhir T.; Evans R.; Arabshahi S.; Mahal A.; Heritier S.; Oldenburg B.; Riddell M.; Srikanth V.; Suresh O.; Thankappan K.; Thirunavukkarasu S.; Varma R.; Thomas N.; Clifford G.; Prabhakaran D.; Thom S.; Krishnan A.; Srinath Reddy K.; Faletoese S.; Ieremia M.; Schultz J.; Siitia J.; Snowdon W.; Pillay A.; Sukhu A.; Ulberg C.; Viali S.; Gilman R.H.; Sacksteder K.; Apusiga K.; Cooper R.; Ntim M.; Binanay C.; Bloomfield G.; Velazquez E.; DeLong A.; Hogan J.; Finkelstein E. ; Fuster V.; Inui T.; Were M.; Menya D.; Naanyu V.; Rotich J.; Augustovski F.; Chen J.; Chemg J.; Dolan J.; He J.; Mills K.; Shi L.; Webber L.; Krousel-Wood M.; Poggio r.; Rubinstein A.; Akinyemi R.; Arulogun O.; Owolabi M.; Hurst S.; Uvere E.
2010Birt-Hogg-Dubé renal tumors are genetically distinct from other renal neoplasias and are associated with up-regulation of mitochondrial gene expressionKlomp J.A.; Petillo D.; Niemi N.M.; Dykema K.J.; Chen J.; Yang X.J.; Sääf A.; Zickert P.; Aly M.; Bergerheim U.; Nordenskjöld M.; Gad S.; Giraud S.; Denoux Y.; Yonneau L.; Méjean A.; Vasiliu V.; Richard S.; MacKeigan J.P.; Teh B.T. ; Furge K.A.
2013Comprehensive Characterization of Human Genome Variation by High Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of Forty Four CaucasiansShen H. ; Li J.; Zhang J.; Xu C.; Jiang Y.; Wu Z.; Zhao F.; Liao L.; Chen J.; Lin Y.; Tian Q.; Papasian C.J.; Deng H.-W.
2008Deficiency of FLCN in mouse kidney led to development of polycystic kidneys and renal neoplasiaChen J.; Futami K.; Petillo D.; Peng J.; Wang P.; Knol J.; Li Y.; Khoo S.-K.; Huang D.; Qian C.-N.; Zhao P.; Dykyma K.; Zhang R.; Cao B.; Yang X.J.; Furge K.; Williams B.O.; Teh B.T. 
2015Denovo generated human red blood cells in humanized mice support Plasmodium falciparum infectionAmaladoss A.; Chen Q. ; Liu M.; Dummler S.K.; Dao M.; Suresh S.; Chen J.; Preiser P.R.
2017Energy conservation through flexible HVAC management in large spaces: An IPS-based demand-driven control (IDC) systemWang W.; Chen J.; Lu Y. ; Wei H.-H.
2017Energy efficient HVAC control for an IPS-enabled large space in commercial buildings through dynamic spatial occupancy distributionWang W.; Chen J.; Huang G.; Lu Y. 
2017Engineering the thermal conductivity along an individual silicon nanowire by selective helium ion irradiationZhao Y. ; Liu D.; Chen J.; Zhu L.; Belianinov A.; Ovchinnikova O.S.; Unocic R.R.; Burch M.J.; Kim S.; Hao H. ; Pickard D.S. ; Li B.; Thong J.T.L. 
2013Enhanced Functional Connectivity between Putamen and Supplementary Motor Area in Parkinson's Disease PatientsYu R. ; Liu B.; Wang L.; Chen J.; Liu X.
2011Genetic association study of common mitochondrial variants on body fat massYang T.-L.; Guo Y.; Shen H. ; Lei S.-F.; Liu Y.-J.; Li J.; Liu Y.-Z.; Yu N.; Chen J.; Xu T.; Cheng Y.; Tian Q.; Yu P.; Papasian C.J.; Deng H.-W.
2017HVAC Energy Saving in IPS-enabled Large Space: An Occupancy Distribution Based Demand-driven Control ApproachWang W.; Lu Y. ; Huang G.; Luo X.; Chen J.
2015Identification of new susceptibility loci for IgA nephropathy in Han ChineseLi M.; Foo J.-N.; Wang J.-Q.; Low H.-Q.; Tang X.-Q.; Toh K.-Y. ; Yin P.-R.; Khor C.-C. ; Goh Y.-F. ; Irwan I.D.; Xu R.-C.; Andiappan A.K.; Bei J.-X.; Rotzschke O.; Chen M.-H.; Cheng C.-Y. ; Sun L.-D.; Jiang G.-R.; Wong T.-Y. ; Lin H.-L.; Aung T. ; Liao Y.-H.; Saw S.-M. ; Ye K.; Ebstein R.P.; Chen Q.-K.; Shi W.; Chew S.-H.; Chen J.; Zhang F.-R.; Li S.-P.; Xu G.; Tai E.S. ; Wang L.; Chen N.; Zhang X.-J.; Zeng Y.-X.; Zhang H.; Liu Z.-H.; Yu X.-Q.; Liu J.-J.
2014Long-term reproducible expression in human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells with a UCOE-based lentiviral vectorDighe N. ; Khoury M.; Mattar C. ; Chong M. ; Choolani M. ; Chen J.; Antoniou M.N.; Chan J.K.Y. 
2014Molecular analysis of serum and bronchoalveolar lavage in a mouse model of influenza reveals markers of disease severity that can be clinically useful in humansKumar Y.; Liang C.; Limmon G.V.; Liang L.; Engelward B.P.; Ooi E.E. ; Chen J.; Tannenbaum S.R.
2019Psychosomatic symptoms during South East Asian haze crisis are related to changes in cerebral hemodynamicsTan B.Y.; Leong A.Z.; Leow A.S.; Ngiam N.J.; Ng B.S.; Sharma M.; Yeo L.L. ; Seow P.A.; Hong C.S.; Chee Y.H.; Chen J.; Du Z.; Wong L.Y.; Batra A.; Sarkar N.; Teoh H.-L. ; Ho R.C. ; Sharma V.K. 
2012Pyrosequencing of Haliotis diversicolor Transcriptomes: Insights into Early Developmental Molluscan Gene ExpressionHuang Z.-X.; Chen Z.-S.; Ke C.-H.; Zhao J.; You W.-W.; Zhang J. ; Dong W.-T.; Chen J.
2012RBMS3 at 3p24 Inhibits Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Development via Inhibiting Cell Proliferation, Angiogenesis, and Inducing ApoptosisChen J.; Kwong D.L.-W.; Zhu C.-L.; Chen L.-L. ; Dong S.-S.; Zhang L.-Y.; Tian J.; Qi C.-B.; Cao T.-T.; Wong A.M.G.; Kong K.-L.; Li Y.; Liu M.; Fu L.; Guan X.-Y.