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20043D GOI CMOSFETs with novel IrO 2(Hf) dual gates and high-κ dielectric on 1P6M-0.18μm-CMOSYu, D.S.; Chin, A. ; Laio, C.C.; Lee, C.F.; Cheng, C.F.; Chen, W.J.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.-F. ; Yoo, W.J. ; McAlister, S.P.; Kwong, D.L.
2005Fast high-κ AIN MONOS memory with large memory window and good retentionLai, C.H.; Huang, C.C.; Chiang, K.C.; Kao, H.L.; Chen, W.J.; Chin, A. ; Chi, C.C.
Dec-2003Fully Silicided NiSi and Germanided NiGe Dual Gates on SiO 2 n- and p-MOSFETsYu, D.S.; Wu, C.H.; Huang, C.H.; Chin, A.; Chen, W.J.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2003Fully Silicided NiSi and Germanided NiGe Dual Gates on SiO 2/Si and Al 2O 3/Ge-On-Insulator MOSFETsHuang, C.H.; Yu, D.S.; Chin, A.; Wu, C.H.; Chen, W.J.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.F. ; Cho, B.J. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2006High temperature stable [Ir3Si-TaN]/HfLaON CMOS with large work-function differenceWu, C.H.; Hung, B.F.; Chin, A.; Wang, S.J.; Chen, W.J.; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Zhu, C. ; Jin, Y.; Tao, H.J.; Chen, S.C.; Liang, M.S.
Jul-2005High-κ Ir/TiTaO/TaN capacitors suitable for analog IC applicationsChiang, K.C.; Huang, C.C.; Chin, A. ; Chen, W.J.; McAlister, S.P.; Chiu, H.F.; Chen, J.-R.; Chi, C.C.
2004Low workfunction fully suicided gate on SiO2/Si and LaAlO 3/GOI n-MOSFETsYu, D.S.; Chin, A.; Hung, B.F.; Chen, W.J.; Zhu, C.X. ; Li, M.-F. ; Zhu, S.Y. ; Kwong, D.L.
2005Very high κ and high density TiTaO MIM capacitors for analog and RF applicationsChiang, K.C.; Chin, A. ; Lai, C.H.; Chen, W.J.; Cheng, C.F.; Hung, B.F.; Liao, C.C.
2003Very Low Defects and High Performance Ge-On-insulator p-MOSFETs with Al2O3 Gate DielectricsHuang, C.H.; Yang, M.Y.; Chin, A.; Chen, W.J.; Zhu, C.X. ; Cho, B.J. ; Li, M.-F. ; Kwong, D.L.