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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-20052A 2 + BB′B″ approach to hyperbranched poly(amino ester)sWu, D.; Liu, Y.; Chen, L.; He, C.; Chung, T.S. ; Goh, S.H. 
26-Feb-1999A facile immobilization approach for perfunctionalised cyclodextrin onto silica via the Staudinger reactionZhang, L.-F. ; Wong, Y.-C.; Chen, L.; Ching, C.B. ; Ng, S.-C. 
29-Oct-1999A facile route into 6(A)-mono-ω-alkenylcarbamido-6(A)-deoxy- perfunctionalised cyclodextrin: Key intermediate for further reactive functionalisationsZhang, L.-F. ; Chen, L.; Lee, T.-C.; Ng, S.-C. 
1-Mar-2012A fast and accurate gamma correction based on Fourier spectrum analysis for digital fringe projection profilometryMa, S.; Quan, C. ; Zhu, R.; Chen, L.; Li, B.; Tay, C.J. 
2013A just-in-time customizable processorChen, L.; Tarango, J.; Mitra, T. ; Brisk, P.
28-Nov-2012A new approach to determine wedge-indented interfacial toughness in soft-film hard-substrate systems with application to low-k films on Si substrateChen, L.; Zeng, K. ; Zhang, Y.; She, C.; Liu, G.
10-Mar-2006A new origin for stereo-differentiation in the Orito reaction: Residual chiral induction and enantiomeric excess reversal during piecewise continuous experiments using a chiral fixed-bed reactorGao, F.; Chen, L.; Garland, M. 
18-Nov-2008A novel dominant mutation of the Nav1.4 α-subunit domain i leading to sodium channel myotoniaPetitprez, S.; Tiab, L.; Chen, L.; Kappeler, L.; Rösler, K.M.; Schorderet, D.; Abriel, H.; Burgunder, J.-M. 
10-Sep-2010A novel singular node-based smoothed finite element method (NS-FEM) for upper bound solutions of fracture problemsLiu, G.R.; Chen, L.; Nguyen-Thoi, T.; Zeng, K.Y. ; Zhang, G.Y.
Dec-2011A novel variable power singular element in G space with strain smoothing for bi-material fracture analysesChen, L.; Liu, G.R.; Zeng, K. ; Zhang, J. 
2009A prototype system for developing two- and three-dimensional shape grammarsLi, A.I.-K.; Chau, H.H.; Chen, L.; Wang, Y. 
Jul-2011Acurate bending strength analysis of asymmetric gcears using the novel ES-PIM with triangular meshWang, S.; Liu, G.R. ; Zhang, G.Y.; Chen, L.
21-Sep-2013Amphiphilic methyleneamino synthon through organic dye catalyzed- decarboxylative aminoalkylationChen, L.; Chao, C.S.; Pan, Y.; Dong, S.; Teo, Y.C.; Wang, J. ; Tan, C.-H.
Jan-2013An edge-based smoothed XFEM for fracture in composite materialsJiang, Y.; Tay, T.E. ; Chen, L.; Sun, X.S. 
2011An optimized engineering design of imaging probe for time-resolved diffuse optical tomography systemChen, L.; Hasnain, A.; Chen, N. 
2011An optimized engineering design of imaging probe for time-resolved diffuse optical tomography systemChen, L.; Hasnain, A.; Chen, N. 
Mar-2006Analysis of quality factors of spiral resonatorsWang, P. ; Chen, L.; Tan, C.Y. ; Ong, C.K. 
Oct-2012Antisolvent precipitation for the synthesis of monodisperse mesoporous niobium oxide spheres as highly effective solid acid catalystsLi, C.C.; Dou, J.; Chen, L.; Lin, J.; Zeng, H.C. 
Jul-2011Application of least-square estimation in white-light scanning interferometryMa, S.; Quan, C. ; Zhu, R.; Tay, C.J. ; Chen, L.; Gao, Z.
20-Sep-2004Arylcarbamoylated allylcarbamido-β-cyclodextrin: Synthesis and immobilization on nonfunctionalized silica gel as a chiral stationary phaseBai, Z.-W.; Lai, X.-H.; Chen, L.; Ching, C.-B. ; Ng, S.-C.