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2004A taxonomy of operations strategies of high performing small and medium enterprises in SingaporeSum, C.-C. ; Kow, L.S.-J.; Chen, C.-S.
5-Aug-2013Akt-Induced Phosphorylation of N-CoR at Serine 1450 Contributes to Its Misfolded Conformational Dependent Loss (MCDL) in Acute Myeloid Leukemia of the M5 SubtypeNin, D.S. ; Ali, A.B. ; Okumura, K.; Asou, N.; Chen, C.-S.; Chng, W.J.; Khan, M. 
5-Oct-2013Association between body mass index and cardiovascular disease mortality in east Asians and south Asians: Pooled analysis of prospective data from the Asia Cohort ConsortiumChen, Y.; Copeland, W.K.; Vedanthan, R.; Grant, E.; Lee, J.E.; Gu, D.; Gupta, P.C.; Ramadas, K.; Inoue, M.; Tsugane, S.; Tamakoshi, A.; Gao, Y.-T.; Yuan, J.-M.; Shu, X.-O.; Ozasa, K.; Tsuji, I.; Kakizaki, M.; Tanaka, H.; Nishino, Y.; Chen, C.-J.; Wang, R.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Ahn, Y.-O.; Ahsan, H.; Pan, W.-H.; Chen, C.-S.; Pednekar, M.S.; Sauvaget, C.; Sasazuki, S.; Yang, G.; Koh, W.-P. ; Xiang, Y.-B.; Ohishi, W.; Watanabe, T.; Sugawara, Y.; Matsuo, K.; You, S.-L.; Park, S.K.; Kim, D.-H.; Parvez, F.; Chuang, S.-Y.; Ge, W.; Rolland, B.; McLerran, D.; Sinha, R.; Thornquist, M.; Kang, D.; Feng, Z.; Boffetta, P.; Zheng, W.; He, J.; Potter, J.D.
2011Determinants of sensitivity to DZNep induced Apoptosis in multiple myeloma cellsXie, Z. ; Bi, C.; Cheong, L.L.; Liu, S.C.; Huang, G. ; Zhou, J. ; Yu, Q.; Chen, C.-S.; Chng, W.J.
2011PRL-3, a metastasis associated tyrosine phosphatase, is involved in FLT3-ITD signaling and implicated in anti-aml therapyZhou, J. ; Bi, C.; Chng, W.-J.; Cheong, L.-L.; Liu, S.-C.; Mahara, S. ; Tay, K.-G. ; Zeng, Q.; Li, J.; Guo, K.; Tan, C.P.B.; Yu, H. ; Albert, D.H.; Chen, C.-S.
Sep-2010Pulse-modulated second harmonic imaging microscope quantitatively demonstrates marked increase of collagen in tumor after chemotherapyRaja, A.M.; Xu, S.; Sun, W.; Zhou, J. ; Tai, D.C.S.; Chen, C.-S.; Rajapakse, J.C.; So, P.T.C.; Yu, H. 
Jan-2008Synergistic antileukemic effects between ABT-869 and chemotherapy involve downregulation of cell cycle-regulated genes and c-Mos-mediated MAPK pathwayZhou, J. ; Pan, M.; Xie, Z. ; Loh, S.-L.; Bi, C.; Tai, Y.-C.; Lilly, M.; Lim, Y.-P. ; Han, J.-H.; Glaser, K.B.; Albert, D.H.; Davidsen, S.K.; Chen, C.-S.
2011The slow-releasing Hydrogen Sulfide donor, GYY4137, exhibits novel anti-cancer effects in vitro and in vivoLee, Z.W.; Zhou, J. ; Chen, C.-S.; Zhao, Y. ; Tan, C.-H. ; Li, L.; Moore, P.K.; Deng, L.-W.
Feb-2011Therapeutic potential of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides in downregulating p53 oncogenic mutations in cancersXie, Z. ; Chng, W.J.; Tay, K.G. ; Liu, S.C.; Zhou, J. ; Chen, C.-S.