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1-Apr-2003A study on the interracial composition of the electroless-copper-plated BPDA-PDA polyimide sheetYu, W.-X.; Hong, L. ; Chen, B.-H.; Ko, T.-M.
1-Oct-2007Cloud-point extraction of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by nonionic surfactantsHung, K.-C.; Chen, B.-H.; Yu, L.E. 
26-Nov-2003Corrosive Behavior of Tungsten in Post Dry-Etch Residue RemoverChen, B.-H.; Zhang, H. ; Chooi, S.Y.M.; Chan, L.; Xu, Y.; Ye, J.H.
24-Mar-2005Interaction between a nonionic surfactant and a hydrophobically modified 2-hydroxyethyl celluloseBai, D.; Khin, C.C.; Chen, S.B. ; Tsai, C.-C.; Chen, B.-H.
1-Jun-2003Modeling the stability of electroless plating bath - Diffusion of nickel colloidal particles from the plating frontierYin, X.; Hong, L. ; Chen, B.-H.; Ko, T.-M.
28-Jul-2005Nonionic surfactant and temperature effects on the viscosity of hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose solutionsZhao, G.; Khin, C.C.; Chen, S.B. ; Chen, B.-H.
Jul-2008Recovering phenanthrene from spiked sand by a combined remediation process of micellar solubilization and cloud-point extractionLi, J.-L. ; Chen, B.-H.
Feb-2005Review of CO2 absorption using chemical solvents in hollow fiber membrane contactorsLi, J.-L. ; Chen, B.-H.
29-Jul-2004Role of a Pb 2+ stabilizer in the electroless nickel plating system: A theoretical explorationYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Chen, B.-H.
27-Jun-2006Role of Cu2+ as an additive in an electroless nickel-phosphorus plating system: A stabilizer or a codeposit?Chen, C.-H.; Chen, B.-H.; Hong, L. 
May-2010Self-emulsifying O/W formulations of paclitaxel prepared from mixed nonionic surfactantsLo, J.-T.; Chen, B.-H.; Lee, T.-M.; Han, J.; Li, J.-L. 
Sep-2006Solubilization of selected polycyclic aromatic compounds by nonionic surfactantsSwe, M.M.; Yu, L.E. ; Hung, K.-C.; Chen, B.-H.
3-Jul-2003Study of interaction between cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and poly(acrylic acid) by rheological measurementsLim, P.F.C. ; Chee, L.Y.; Chen, S.B. ; Chen, B.-H.