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2002A young man with parkinsonismThant Z.S.; Chan L.L.; Lim E.; Wong M.C.; Tan E.K. 
2002Cervical disc prolapse with cord compression presenting with choreoathetosis and dystoniaTan E.K. ; Lo Y.L.; Chan L.L.; See S.J.; Hong A.; Wong M.C.
2000Chronic isolated vertigoChan L.L.; Tan E.-K. ; Tan K.-P.
2002Evolving spectrum of movement disorders in extrapontine and central pontine myelinolysisSeah A.B.H.; Chan L.L.; Wong M.C.; Tan E.K. 
2016Identification of comprehensive geriatric assessment based risk factors for malnutrition in elderly Asian cancer patientsTan T.; Ong W.S.; Rajasekaran T.; Koo K.N. ; Chan L.L.; Poon D. ; Chowdhury A.R.; Krishna L. ; Kanesvaran R. 
2017Microstructural network alterations of olfactory dysfunction in newly diagnosed Parkinson's diseaseWen M.-C. ; Xu Z.; Lu Z.; Chan L.L.; Tan E.K. ; Tan L.C.S. 
2010Parkinson's disease prediction using diffusion-based atlas approachTeodorescu R.O.; Racoceanu D.; Smit N.; Cretu V.I.; Tan E.K. ; Chan L.L.
2001Phenytoin cerebellopathy without epilepsyTan E.K. ; Chan L.L.; Auchus A.P.
1999Radiological placement of 211 central venous catheters: Outcome and complicationsChan L.L.; Tan B.S.; Kaw G.J.L.; Lo R.H.G.; Yeong K.Y.; Htoo M.M.; Tan E.K. 
2001Reversible parkinsonism in systemic lupus erythematosusTan E.K. ; Chan L.L.; Auchus A.P.
1999Role of magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance angiography in patients with hemifacial spasmTan E.K. ; Chan L.L.; Lim S.H.; Lim W.E.H.; Khoo J.B.K.; Tan K.P.
2000Spinocerebellar ataxia in Singapore: Predictive features of a positive DNA test?Tan E.K. ; Law H.Y.; Zhao Y.; Lim E.; Chan L.L.; Chang H.M.; Ng I.; Wong M.-C.
2017Structural connectome alterations in prodromal and de novo Parkinson's disease patientsWen M.-C. ; Heng H.S.E.; Hsu J.-L.; Xu Z.; Liew G.M.; Au W.L. ; Chan L.L.; Tan L.C.S. ; Tan E.K.