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Mar-2008A core Klf circuitry regulates self-renewal of embryonic stem cellsJiang, J.; Chan, Y.-S.; Loh, Y.-H.; Cai, J.; Tong, G.-Q.; Lim, C.-A.; Robson, P.; Zhong, S.; Ng, H.-H. 
11-Nov-2010A genome-wide RNAi screen reveals determinants of human embryonic stem cell identityChia, N.-Y.; Chan, Y.-S.; Feng, B.; Lu, X.; Orlov, Y.L.; Moreau, D.; Kumar, P.; Yang, L.; Jiang, J.; Lau, M.-S.; Huss, M.; Soh, B.-S.; Kraus, P.; Li, P.; Lufkin, T.; Lim, B.; Clarke, N.D.; Bard, F.; Ng, H.-H. 
Apr-2013A PRC2-dependent repressive role of PRDM14 in human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cell reprogrammingChan, Y.-S.; Göke, J.; Lu, X.; Venkatesan, N.; Feng, B.; Su, I.-H.; Ng, H.-H. 
Dec-2003Breastfeeding: It's an important gift [1] (multiple letters)Grossman, R.A.; Mattar, C.N. ; Chan, Y.-S.; Chong, Y.-S. 
27-Jun-2013Genome-wide Kinase-Chromatin Interactions Reveal the Regulatory Network of ERK Signaling in Human Embryonic Stem CellsGöke, J.; Chan, Y.-S.; Yan, J. ; Vingron, M.; Ng, H.-H. 
5-Dec-2013Induction of a human pluripotent state with distinct regulatory circuitry that resembles preimplantation epiblastChan, Y.-S.; Göke, J.; Ng, J.-H.; Lu, X.; Gonzales, K.A.U.; Tan, C.-P.; Tng, W.-Q.; Hong, Z.-Z.; Lim, Y.-S.; Ng, H.-H. 
Sep-2009KLF4 and PBX1 directly regulate NANOG expression in human embryonic stem cellsChan, K.K.-K.; Zhang, J.; Chia, N.-Y.; Chan, Y.-S.; Sim, H.S.; Tan, K.S.; Oh, S.K.-W.; Ng, H.-H. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE 
2009Reprogramming of fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem cells with orphan nuclear receptor EsrrbFeng, B.; Jiang, J.; Kraus, P.; Ng, J.-H.; Heng, J.-C.D.; Chan, Y.-S.; Yaw, L.-P.; Zhang, W.; Loh, Y.-H.; Han, J.; Vega, V.B.; Cacheux-Rataboul, V.; Lim, B.; Lufkin, T.; Ng, H.-H. 
2007Simple antenatal preparation to improve breastfeeding practice: A randomized controlled trialChong, Y.-S. ; Mattar, C.N.; Chan, Y.-S.; Chew, A.; Tan, P.; Chan, Y.-H.; Rauff, M.H.-J. 
Jul-2010Transposable elements have rewired the core regulatory network of human embryonic stem cellsKunarso, G.; Chia, N.-Y.; Jeyakani, J.; Hwang, C.; Lu, X.; Chan, Y.-S.; Ng, H.-H. ; Bourque, G.