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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A randomized double-masked crossover study comparing latanoprost 0.005% with unoprostone 0.12% in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertensionAung, T.; Chew, P.T.K. ; See, J.L.S.; Khng, C.G.; Hoh, S.-T.; Yip, C.-C.; Lee, H.-M.; Chan, Y.-H.; Ng, L.-H.
2002Additive effect of unoprostone and latanoprost in patients with elevated intraocular pressureAung, T. ; Chew, P.T.K. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Chan, Y.-H.; Thean, L.H.; Yip, L.; Lim, B.-A.; Seah, S.K.L.
2007Antenatal education and postnatal support strategies for improving rates of exclusive breast feeding: Randomised controlled trialSu, L.-L. ; Chong, Y.-S. ; Rauff, M. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Fok, D.; Tun, K.-T.; Ng, F.S.P.
May-2011Association of narrow angles with anterior chamber area and volume measured with anterior-segment optical coherence tomographyWu, R.-Y.; Nongpiur, M.E.; He, M.-G.; Sakata, L.M.; Friedman, D.S.; Chan, Y.-H.; Lavanya, R.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Aung, T.
2006Central corneal thickness and its relationship to myopia in Chinese adultsFam, H.-B.; How, A.C.S.; Lim, K.-L.; Baskaran, M.; Chan, Y.-H.; Aung, T. 
2008Changes in angle configuration after phacoemulsification measured by anterior segment optical coherence tomographyNolan, W.P.; Foster, P.J.; See, J.L.; Aung, T. ; Chew, P.T.K. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Zheng, C. ; Friedman, D.S.; Smith, S.D.; Huang, D.
2007Changes in anterior segment morphology in response to illumination and after laser iridotomy in Asian eyes: An anterior segment OCT studyFriedman, D.S.; See, J.L.S.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Aung, T. ; Smith, S.D.; Nolan, W.P.; Foster, P.J.; Chan, Y.-H.; Zheng, C. ; Huang, D.
2004Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness after acute primary angle closureAung, T. ; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Devereux, J.G.; Hoh, S.-T.; Seah, S.K.L.; Chan, Y.-H.
Aug-2004Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness after acute primary angle closureAung, T. ; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Devereux, J.G.; Hoh, S.-T.; Seah, S.K.L.
May-2011Changes in retinal nerve fibre layer, optic nerve head morphology, and visual field after acute primary angle closureSng, C.C.A.; See, J.S.L.; Ngo, C.S.; Singh, M.; Chan, Y.-H.; Aquino, M.C.; Tan, A.M.; Shabana, N.; Chew, P.T.K. 
2006Changes in the Optic Disc after Acute Primary Angle ClosureShen, S.Y.; Baskaran, M.; Fong, A.C.Y.; Lim, L.S.; Gazzard, G.; Seah, S.K.L.; Aung, T. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Husain, R.
2005Choroidal expansion as a mechanism for acute primary angle closure: An investigation into the change of biometric parameters in the first 2 weeksYang, M.; Aung, T. ; Husain, R.; Lim, L.S.; Seah, S.K.L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.
Aug-2007Clinically compressed digital echocardiography: A patient-safe alternative to videotape reviewPoh, K.-K.; Yang, H.; Omar, A.R.; Yip, J.W.L.; Chan, Y.-H.; Ling, L.-H. 
2000Comparison of the intraocular pressure-lowering effect of latanoprost and timolol in patients with chronic angle closure glaucoma: A preliminary studyAung, T. ; Wong, H.T.; Yip, C.C.; Leong, J.Y.N; Chan, Y.-H.; Chew, P.T.K 
2007Comparison of the Scanning Peripheral Anterior Chamber Depth Analyzer and the Modified van Herick Grading System in the Assessment of Angle ClosureBaskaran, M.; Aung, T. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Hoh, S.-T.; Ho, C.-L.; Chan, Y.-H.; Kashiwagi, K.; Foster, P.J.
2005Configuration of the drainage angle, intraocular pressure, and optic disc cupping in subjects with chronic angle-closure glaucomaAung, T. ; Lim, M.C.C.; Chan, Y.-H.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Rojanapongpun, P.
Sep-2008Cornea biomechanical characteristics and their correlates with refractive error in Singaporean childrenLim, L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Fong, A.; Kotecha, A.; Sim, E.-L.; Tan, D.; Tong, L.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jan-2009Corneal biomechanical properties and retinal vascular caliber in childrenLim, L.; Cheung, N.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Wong, T.-Y.; Saw, S.-M. 
Nov-2008Corneal biomechanics, thickness and optic disc morphology in children with optic disc tiltLim, L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Fong, A.; Kotecha, A.; Sim, E.-L.; Tan, D.; Tong, L.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jan-2008Degree of angle closure and extent of peripheral anterior synechiae: An anterior segment OCT studySu, D.H.W.; Friedman, D.S.; See, J.L.S.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Nolan, W.P.; Smith, S.D.; Huang, D.; Zheng, C.; Li, Y.; Foster, P.J.; Aung, T.