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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1993A thermal analysis evaluation of the low temperature synthesis of BaBiO3Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Chan, K.S.; Khor, S.T.; Hill, J.O. 
Aug-2000Analysis of the frequency-domain block LMS algorithmFarhang-Boroujeny, B. ; Chan, K.S.
Sep-2001Analysis of the partitioned frequency-domain block LMS (PFBLMS) algorithmChan, K.S.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. 
Aug-2012blaOXA-181-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae, SingaporeKoh, T.H. ; Cao, D.Y.H.; Chan, K.S.; Wijaya, L.; Low, S.B.G.; Lam, M.S.; Ooi, E.E.; Hsu, L.-Y.
6-Jan-1994Catalytic carbon monoxide oxidation over strontium, cerium and copper-substituted lanthanum manganates and cobaltatesChan, K.S.; Ma, J.; Jaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2014Changing molecular epidemiology and high rates of mupirocin resistance among meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Singaporean hospitalsHon, P.Y.; Koh, T.H. ; Tan, T.Y.; Krishnan, P.; Leong, J.W.-Y.; Jureen, R.; Chan, J.; Tee, N.W.-S.; Murugesh, J.; Chan, K.S.; Hsu, L.Y.
2013Channel characterization and performance evaluation of bit-patterned mediaLin, M.Y.; Elidrissi, M.R.; Chan, K.S.; Eason, K.; Chua, M.; Asbahi, M.; Yang, J.K.W.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Ng, V. 
1998Currency crises and the modified currency board system in SingaporeChan, K.S.; Ngiam, K.-J. 
2014Determination of position jitter and dot-size fluctuations in patterned arrays fabricated by the directed self-assembly of gold nanoparticlesAsbahi, M.; Lim, K.T.P.; Wang, F.; Lin, M.Y.; Chan, K.S.; Wu, B.; Ng, V. ; Yang, J.K.W.
Oct-1999Lattice PFBLMS: Fast converging structure for efficient implementation of frequency-domain adaptive filtersChan, K.S.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. 
Oct-1999Lattice PFBLMS: Fast converging structure for efficient implementation of frequency-domain adaptive filtersChan, K.S.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. 
Sep-2013Microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis after rugby tournament, SingaporeTan, J.; Lee, P.; Lai, Y.; Hishamuddin, P.; Tay, J.; Tan, A.L.; Chan, K.S.; Lin, R.; Tan, D.; Cutter, J.; Goh, K.T. 
2013Optimization of bit-patterned media recording (BPMR) system via tolerance designLin, M.Y.; Elidrissi, M.R.; Chan, K.S.; Eason, K.; Wang, H.; Yang, J.K.W.; Asbahi, M.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Ng, V. ; Guan, Y.L.
Jan-1994Preparation of stable, high surface area zirconiaChan, K.S.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. 
24-May-2010Programmable trap geometries with superconducting atom chipsMüller, T. ; Zhang, B.; Fermani, R. ; Chan, K.S.; Lim, M.J.; Dumke, R.
2010Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus Panton-Valentine Leukocidin in clinical specimens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunochromatographic testsBadiou, C.; Dumitrescu, O.; Bes, M.; Vandenesch, F.; Etienne, J.; Lina, G.; Meugnier, H.; George, N.; Nimmo, G.R.; Forbes, A.R.N.; Hulten, K.G.; Drougka, E.; Spiliopoulou, I.; Chan, K.S.; Ramdani-Bouguessa, N.; Tazir, M.; Hsu, L.Y. 
14-Feb-2005Reaction of the heterometallic cluster Os3Ru(μ-H) 2(CO)13 with diphenylphosphine: Phosphido-bridged tetrahedral and butterfly clustersPereira, L.J.; Chan, K.S.; Leong, W.K. 
23-Apr-2012Reconfigurable self-sufficient traps for ultracold atoms based on a superconducting squareSiercke, M. ; Chan, K.S.; Zhang, B.; Beian, M. ; Lim, M.J.; Dumke, R. 
2011Superconducting atom chipsSiercke, M. ; Chan, K.S.; Zhang, B.; Lim, M.J.; Dumke, R. 
8-Oct-1996The influence of preparation conditions on the surface area of zirconiaChuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Cheong, S.A.; Chan, K.S.