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Nov-2009Biodegradation of aromatic compounds: Current status and opportunities for biomolecular approachesCao, B.; Nagarajan, K.; Loh, K.-C. 
15-Dec-2008Catabolic pathways and cellular responses of Pseudomonas putida P8 during growth on benzoate with a proteomics approachCao, B.; Loh, K.-C. 
21-Jul-2004Fabrication of large-scale zinc oxide ordered pore arrays with controllable morphologyCao, B.; Cai, W.; Sun, F.; Li, Y.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
Nov-2008Induction of ortho- and meta-cleavage pathways in Pseudomonas in biodegradation of high benzoate concentration: MS identification of catabolic enzymesCao, B.; Geng, A.; Loh, K.-C. 
Jul-2013Influence of outer membrane c-type cytochromes on particle size and activity of extracellular nanoparticles produced by Shewanella oneidensisNg, C.K.; Sivakumar, K.; Liu, X.; Madhaiyan, M.; Ji, L. ; Yang, L.; Tang, C.; Song, H.; Kjelleberg, S.; Cao, B.
1-Oct-2004Loss of parafibromin immunoreactivity is a distinguishing feature of parathyroid carcinomaTan, M.-H.; Morrison, C.; Wang, P.; Yang, X.; Haven, C.J.; Zhang, C.; Zhao, P.; Tretiakova, M.S.; Korpi-Hyovalti, E.; Burgess, J.M.; Khee, C.S.; Cheah, W.-K. ; Cao, B.; Resau, J.; Morreau, H.; Bin, T.T.
Mar-2004Morphology-controlled growth of large-area two-dimensional ordered pore arraysSun, F.; Cai, W.; Li, Y.; Cao, B.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
2009On the occurrence of Portevin-Le Chêtelier instabilities in ultrafine-grained 5083 aluminum alloysJoshi, S.P. ; Eberl, C.; Cao, B.; Ramesh, K.T.; Hemker, K.J.
Aug-2011Pandemic response lessons from influenza H1N1 2009 in AsiaFisher, D. ; Hui, D.S.; Gao, Z.; Lee, C.; Oh, M.-D.; Cao, B.; Hien, T.T.; Patlovich, K.; Farrar, J.
7-Jul-2008Paradigm in biodegradation using Pseudomonas putida-A review of proteomics studiesLoh, K.-C. ; Cao, B.
7-Jul-2008Paradigm in biodegradation using Pseudomonas putida-A review of proteomics studiesLoh, K.-C. ; Cao, B.
2009Physiological comparison of Pseudomonas putida between two growth phases during cometabolism of 4-chlorophenol in presence of phenol and glutamate: A proteomics approachCao, B.; Loh, K.-C. 
Aug-2013Raman spectroscopy of morphology-controlled deposition of Au on grapheneQiu, C.; Zhou, H.; Cao, B.; Sun, L.; Yu, T. 
Apr-2009Strengthening mechanisms in cryomilled ultrafine-grained aluminum alloy at quasi-static and dynamic rates of loadingCao, B.; Joshi, S.P. ; Ramesh, K.T.
10-Oct-2013Strong magnetophonon resonance induced triple G-mode splitting in graphene on graphite probed by micromagneto Raman spectroscopyQiu, C.; Shen, X.; Cao, B.; Cong, C.; Saito, R.; Yu, J.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Yu, T. 
Feb-2014Synthesis and optical properties of large-area single-crystalline 2D semiconductor WS2 monolayer from chemical vapor depositionCong, C.; Shang, J.; Wu, X.; Cao, B.; Peimyoo, N.; Qiu, C.; Sun, L.; Yu, T.