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2005A peer-to-peer approach to task scheduling in computation gridCao, J.; Kwong, O.M.K.; Wang, X. ; Cai, W.
Nov-2012A zinc finger protein gene ZFP5 integrates phytohormone signaling to control root hair development in ArabidopsisAn, L.; Zhou, Z.; Sun, L.; Yan, A.; Xi, W.; Yu, N.; Cai, W.; Chen, X.; Yu, H. ; Schiefelbein, J.; Gan, Y.
2005An integrated and adaptive decision-support framework for high-tech manufacturing and service networksLendermann, P.; Low, M.Y.H.; Gan, B.P.; Julka, N.; Chan, L.P.; Lee, L.H. ; Taylor, S.J.E.; Turner, S.J.; Cai, W.; Wang, X.; Hung, T.; McGinnis, L.F.; Buckley, S.
Jan-2013Compositional requirements of follow-up formula for use in infancy: Recommendations of an international expert group coordinated by the early nutrition academyKoletzko, B.; Bhutta, Z.A.; Cai, W.; Cruchet, S.; Guindi, M.E.; Fuchs, G.J.; Goddard, E.A.; Van Goudoever, J.B.; Quak, S.H. ; Kulkarni, B.; Makrides, M.; Ribeiro, H.; Walker, A.
Aug-2014Energy-efficient H∞Zhang, D.; Cai, W.; Wang, Q.-G. 
21-Jul-2004Fabrication of large-scale zinc oxide ordered pore arrays with controllable morphologyCao, B.; Cai, W.; Sun, F.; Li, Y.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
Mar-2004Morphology-controlled growth of large-area two-dimensional ordered pore arraysSun, F.; Cai, W.; Li, Y.; Cao, B.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
Dec-2013Secreted frizzled related proteins: Implications in cancersSurana, R.; Sikka, S.; Cai, W.; Shin, E.M.; Warrier, S.R.; Tan, H.J.G.; Arfuso, F.; Fox, S.A.; Dharmarajan, A.M.; Kumar, A.P. 
2005Service provisioning for HLA-based distributed simulation on the GridXie, Y.; Teo, Y.M. ; Cai, W.; Turner, S.J.