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20-Nov-2010A fast and straightforward route towards the synthesis of the lissoclimide class of anti-tumour agentsNguyen, T.M.; Vu, N.Q.; Youte, J.-J.; Lau, J.; Cheong, A.; San Ho, Y.; Tan, B.S.W.; Yoganathan, K.; Butler, M.S.; Chai, C.L.L. 
16-Mar-2012Absolute configuration and total synthesis of a novel antimalarial lipopeptide by the de novo preparation of chiral nonproteinogenic amino acidsGhosh, S.K.; Somanadhan, B.; Tan, K.S.-W.; Butler, M.S.; Lear, M.J. 
14-Dec-2001Ardisiaquinones from Ardisia teysmannianaYang, L.-K.; Khoo-Beattie, C.; Goh, K.-L.; Chng, B.-L.; Yoganathan, K.; Lai, Y.-H. ; Butler, M.S.
12-Mar-2014Diverted total synthesis of falcitidin acyl tetrapeptides as new antimalarial leadsKotturi, S.R. ; Somanadhan, B.; Ch'Ng, J.-H.; Tan, K.S.-W.; Butler, M.S.; Lear, M.J. 
Oct-2004Inhibition of the human chemokine receptor CCR5 by variecolin and variecolol and isolation of four new variecolin analogues, emericolins A-D, from Emericella aurantiobrunneaYoganathan, K.; Rossant, C.; Glover, R.P.; Cao, S.; Vittal, J.J. ; Ng, S.; Huang, Y.; Buss, A.D.; Butler, M.S.
May-2013Isolation and synthesis of falcitidin, a novel myxobacterial-derived acyltetrapeptide with activity against the malaria target falcipain-2Somanadhan, B.; Kotturi, S.R. ; Yan Leong, C.; Glover, R.P.; Huang, Y.; Flotow, H.; Buss, A.D.; Lear, M.J. ; Butler, M.S.
2005New estrogenic prenylflavone from Epimedium brevicornum inhibits the growth of breast cancer cellsYap, S.P.; Shen, P. ; Gong, Y. ; Loy, C.J. ; Yong, E.L. ; Butler, M.S.
30-May-2012Synthesis of 2-C-methylerythritols and 2-C-methylthreitols via enantiodivergent Sharpless dihydroxylation of trisubstituted olefinsGhosh, S.K.; Butler, M.S.; Lear, M.J.