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2009A neutralizing human monoclonal antibody protects against lethal disease in a new ferret model of acute Nipah virus infectionBossart K.N.; Zhu Z.; Middleton D.; Klippel J.; Crameri G.; Bingham J.; McEachern J.A.; Green D.; Hancock T.J.; Chan Y.-P.; Hickey A.C.; Dimitrov D.S.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.
2011Antibodies to henipavirus or henipa-like viruses in domestic pigs in Ghana, West AfricaHayman D.T.S.; Wang L.-F. ; Barr J.; Baker K.S.; Suu-Ire R.; Broder C.C.; Cunningham A.A.; Wood J.L.N.
2015Crystal Structure of the Pre-fusion Nipah Virus Fusion Glycoprotein Reveals a Novel Hexamer-of-Trimers AssemblyXu K.; Chan Y.-P.; Bradel-Tretheway B.; Akyol-Ataman Z.; Zhu Y.; Dutta S.; Yan L.; Feng Y.; Wang L.-F. ; Skiniotis G.; Lee B.; Zhou Z.H.; Broder C.C.; Aguilar H.C.; Nikolov D.B.
2010Development of an acute and highly pathogenic nonhuman primate model of nipah virus infectionGeisbert T.W.; Daddario-Dicaprio K.M.; Hickey A.C.; Smith M.A.; Chan Y.-P.; Wang L.-F. ; Mattapallil J.J.; Geisbert J.B.; Bossart K.N.; Broder C.C.
2012Henipavirus neutralising antibodies in an isolated island population of African fruit batsPeel A.J.; Baker K.S.; Crameri G.; Barr J.A.; Hayman D.T.S.; Wright E.; Broder C.C.; Fernández-Loras A.; Fooks A.R.; Wang L.-F. ; Cunningham A.A.; Wood J.L.N.
2014Host cell virus entry mediated by Australian bat lyssavirus G envelope glycoprotein occurs through a clathrin-mediated endocytic pathway that requires actin and Rab5Weir D.L.; Laing E.D.; Smith I.L.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.
2018Serologic evidence of fruit bat exposure to filoviruses, Singapore, 2011–2016Laing E.D.; Mendenhall I.H. ; Linster M. ; Low D.H.W. ; Chen Y.; Yan L.; Sterling S.L.; Borthwick S. ; Neves E.S. ; Lim J.S.L. ; Skiles M.; Lee B.P.Y.-H.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.; Smith G.J.D. 
2014Serological Evidence of Henipavirus Exposure in Cattle, Goats and Pigs in BangladeshChowdhury S.; Khan S.U.; Crameri G.; Epstein J.H.; Broder C.C.; Islam A.; Peel A.J.; Barr J.; Daszak P.; Wang L.-F. ; Luby S.P.
2013Vaccination of ferrets with a recombinant G glycoprotein subunit vaccine provides protection against Nipah virus disease for over 12 monthsPallister J.A.; Klein R.; Arkinstall R.; Haining J.; Long F.; White J.R.; Payne J.; Feng Y.-R.; Wang L.-F. ; Broder C.C.; Middleton D.