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Jun-2006A mechanistic study of the intestinal absorption of cryptotanshinone, the major active constituent of Salvia miltiorrhizaZhang, J.; Huang, M.; Guan, S.; Bi, H.-C.; Pan, Y.; Duan, W.; Sui, Y.C. ; Chen, X.; Hong, Y.-H. ; Bian, J.-S.; Yang, H.-Y.; Zhou, S. 
2006A mechanistic study on reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomide, a tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitorYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Xu, A.-L.; Duan, W.; Zhu, Y.-Z.; Huang, M.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Zhang, Q.; Bian, J.-S.; Chan, E. ; Li, X.; Wang, J.-C.; Zhou, S.-F. 
1-Dec-2010Hydrogen sulfide interacts with nitric oxide in the heart: Possible involvement of nitroxylYong, Q.-C.; Hu, L.-F.; Wang, S. ; Huang, D. ; Bian, J.-S.
May-2006Pharmacokinetic mechanisms for reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomideYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Chan, S.Y. ; Duan, W.; Ho, P.C.-L. ; Boelsterli, U.A.; Ng, K.-Y. ; Chan, E. ; Bian, J.-S.; Chen, Y.-Z. ; Huang, M.; Zhou, S.-F. 
24-Jun-2011Progesterone impairs human ether-a-go-go-related gene (HERG) trafficking by disruption of intracellular cholesterol homeostasisWu, Z.-Y.; Yu, D.-J.; Soong, T.W. ; Dawe, G.S.; Bian, J.-S.
Oct-2011Role of protein kinase C in caerulein induced expression of substance P and neurokinin-1-receptors in murine pancreatic acinar cellsKoh, Y.-H.; Tamizhselvi, R. ; Moochhala, S. ; Bian, J.-S.; Bhatia, M.