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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2011A novel mutation in transforming growth factor-beta induced protein (TGFβIp) reveals secondary structure perturbation in lattice corneal dystrophyLakshminarayanan, R.; Vithana, E.N.; Chai, S.-M.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Saraswathi, P.; Venkatraman, A.; Rojare, C.; Venkataraman, D.; Tan, D.; Aung, T.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
Feb-2011A polycationic antimicrobial and biocompatible hydrogel with microbe membrane suctioning abilityLi, P.; Poon, Y.F.; Li, W.; Zhu, H.-Y.; Yeap, S.H.; Cao, Y.; Qi, X.; Zhou, C.; Lamrani, M.; Beuerman, R.W.; Kang, E.-T. ; Mu, Y.; Li, C.M.; Chang, M.W.; Jan Leong, S.S.; Chan-Park, M.B.
1-Dec-2006An aligned nanofibrous collagen scaffold by electrospinning and its effects on in vitro fibroblast cultureZhong, S. ; Teo, W.E.; Zhu, X.; Beuerman, R.W.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Yung, L.Y.L. 
Jun-2011Association of tear proteins with Meibomian gland disease and dry eye symptomsTong, L. ; Zhou, L.; Beuerman, R.W.; Zhao, S.Z.; Li, X.R.
Oct-2010Biological and ultrastructural properties of acelagraft, a freeze-dried γ-irradiated human amniotic membraneLim, L.S.; Poh, R.W.Y.; Riau, A.K.; Beuerman, R.W.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
7-Oct-2011Characterization of the human tear metabolome by LC-MS/MSChen, L.; Zhou, L.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Neo, J.; Beuerman, R.W.
Jan-2011Comparison of candidate materials for a synthetic osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis deviceTan, X.W.; Perera, A.P.P.; Tan, A.; Tan, D.; Khor, K.A.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
Nov-2007Defensins: Antimicrobial peptides for therapeutic developmentVerma, C. ; Seebah, S.; Low, S.M.; Zhou, L.; Liu, S.P. ; Li, J.; Beuerman, R.W.
28-Mar-2013Design and synthesis of amphiphilic xanthone-based, membrane-targeting antimicrobials with improved membrane selectivityZou, H.; Koh, J.-J.; Li, J.; Qiu, S.; Aung, T.T.; Lin, H.; Lakshminarayanan, R. ; Dai, X.; Tang, C.; Lim, F.H.; Zhou, L.; Tan, A.L.; Verma, C. ; Tan, D.T.H.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Saraswathi, P.; Cao, D.; Liu, S. ; Beuerman, R.W.
2010Effect of intracameral injection of fibrin tissue sealant on the rabbit anterior segmentChew, A.C.Y.; Tan, D.T.H.; Poh, R.; Htoon, H.M.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
2009Elevation of human α-defensins and s100 calcium-binding proteins A8 and A9 in tear fluid of patients with pterygiumZhou, L.; Beuerman, R.W.; Ang, L.P.K.; Chan, C.M.; Li, S.F.Y.; Chew, F.T. ; Tan, D.T.H.
Mar-2006Enhancement of the mechanical and biological properties of a biomembrane for tissue engineering the ocular surfaceZhu, X.; Beuerman, R.W.; Chan-Park, M.B.E.; Cheng, Z. ; Ang, L.P.K.; Tan, D.T.H.
2-Jun-2012Evaluation of gene expression profiles and pathways underlying postnatal development in mouse scleraLim, W.; Kwan, J.L.; Goh, L.K. ; Beuerman, R.W.; Barathi, V.A.
Jul-2012Expression, purification and characterization of fourth FAS1 domain of TGFβIp-associated corneal dystrophic mutantsElavazhagan, M.; Lakshminarayanan, R.; Zhou, L.; Ting, L.W.; Tong, L. ; Beuerman, R.W.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Mehta, J.S. 
Jun-2012Genetic variants on chromosome 1q41 influence ocular axial length and high myopiaFan, Q.; Barathi, V.A.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Zhou, X. ; Meguro, A.; Nakata, I.; Khor, C.-C. ; Goh, L.-K. ; Li, Y.-J.; Lim, W.; Ho, C.E.H.; Hawthorne, F.; Zheng, Y.; Chua, D.; Inoko, H.; Yamashiro, K.; Ohno-Matsui, K.; Matsuo, K.; Matsuda, F.; Vithana, E.; Seielstad, M.; Mizuki, N.; Beuerman, R.W.; Tai, E.; Yoshimura, N.; Aung, T.; Young, T.L. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
27-Apr-2011Human corneal endothelial cell expansion for corneal endothelium transplantation: An overviewPeh, G.S.L.; Beuerman, R.W.; Colman, A.; Tan, D.T.; Mehta, J.S. 
Sep-2012In vitro effect of a corrosive hostile ocular surface on candidate biomaterials for keratoprosthesis skirtTan, X.W.; Riau, A.; Shi, Z.L. ; Tan, A.C.S.; Neoh, K.G. ; Khor, K.A.; Beuerman, R.W.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
Apr-2013In vivo biocompatibility of two PEG/PAA interpenetrating polymer networks as corneal inlays following deep stromal pocket implantationTan, X.W.; Hartman, L.; Tan, K.P.; Poh, R.; Myung, D.; Zheng, L.L.; Waters, D.; Noolandi, J.; Beuerman, R.W.; Frank, C.W.; Ta, C.N.; Tan, D.T.H.; Mehta, J.S. 
Apr-2012In vivo evaluation of titanium oxide and hydroxyapatite as an artificial cornea skirtTan, X.W.; Beuerman, R.W.; Shi, Z.L. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Tan, D.; Khor, K.A.; Mehta, J.S. 
Sep-2010In vivo real-time intraocular pressure variations during LASIK flap creationChaurasia, S.S.; Gimeno, F.L.; Tan, K.; Yu, S.; Tan, D.T.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S.