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1-May-2012Breast cancer prognosis is inherited independently of patient, tumor and treatment characteristicsVerkooijen, H.M. ; Hartman, M. ; Usel, M.; Benhamou, S.; Neyroud-Caspar, I.; Czene, K.; Vlastos, G.; Chappuis, P.O.; Bouchardy, C.; Rapiti, E.
Apr-2010Changing pattern of age-specific breast cancer incidence in the Swiss canton of GenevaBouchardy, C.; Usei, M.; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Fioretta, G.; Benhamou, S.; Neyroud-Caspar, I.; Schaffar, R.; Viastos, G.; Wespi, Y.; Schäfer, P.; Rapiti, E.
2009Excess of cardiovascular mortality among nodenegative breast cancer patients irradiated for innerquadrant tumorsBouchardy, C.; Rapiti, E.; Usel, M.; Neyroud-Caspar, I.; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Vinh-Hung, V.; Balmer, Majno S.; Miralbell, R.; Vlastos, G.; Benhamou, S.
2009Impact of a positive family history on diagnosis, management, and survival of breast cancer: Different effects across socio-economic groupsVerkooijen, H.M. ; Rapiti, E.; Fioretta, G.; Keller, J.; Bouchardy, C.; Vinh-Hung, V.; Benhamou, S.; Vlastos, G.; Chappuis, P.O.
Nov-2008International lung cancer consortium: Pooled analysis of sequence variants in DNA repair and cell cycle pathwaysHung, R.J.; Christiani, D.C.; Risch, A.; Popanda, O.; Haugen, A.; Zienolddiny, S.; Benhamou, S.; Bouchardy, C.; Lan, Q.; Spitz, M.R.; Wichmann, H.-E.; LeMarchand, L.; Vineis, P.; Matullo, G.; Kiyohara, C.; Zhang, Z.-F.; Pezeshki, B.; Harris, C.; Mechanic, L.; Seow, A. ; Ng, D.P.K. ; Szeszenia-Dabrowska, N.; Zaridze, D.; Lissowska, J.; Rudnai, P.; Fabianova, E.; Mates, D.; Foretova, L.; Janout, V.; Bencko, V.; Caporaso, N.; Chen, C.; Duell, E.J.; Goodman, G.; Field, J.K.; Houlston, R.S.; Hong, Y.-C.; Landi, M.T.; Lazarus, P.; Muscat, J.; McLaughlin, J.; Schwartz, A.G.; Shen, H.; Stucker, I.; Tajima, K.; Matsuo, K.; Thun, M.; Yang, P.; Wiencke, J.; Andrew, A.S.; Monnier, S.; Boffetta, P.; Brennan, P.
15-Mar-2011Lung cancer mortality risk among breast cancer patients treated with anti-estrogensBouchardy, C.; Benhamou, S.; Schaffar, R.; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Fioretta, G.; Schubert, H.; Vinh-Hung, V.; Soria, J.-C.; Vlastos, G.; Rapiti, E.
Dec-2006Meta- and pooled analysis of GSTT1 and lung cancer: A HuGE-GSEC reviewRaimondi, S.; Paracchini, V.; Autrup, H.; Barros-Dios, J.M.; Benhamou, S.; Boffetta, P.; Cote, M.L.; Dialyna, I.A.; Dolzan, V.; Filiberti, R.; Garte, S.; Hirvonen, A.; Husgafvel-Pursiainen, K.; Imyanitov, E.N.; Kalina, I.; Kang, D.; Kiyohara, C.; Kohno, T.; Kremers, P.; Lan, Q.; London, S.; Povey, A.C.; Rannug, A.; Reszka, E.; Risch, A.; Romkes, M.; Schneider, J.; Seow, A. ; Shields, P.G.; Sobti, R.C.; Sørensen, M.; Spinola, M.; Spitz, M.R.; Strange, R.C.; Stücker, I.; Sugimura, H.; To-Figueras, J.; Tokudome, S.; Yang, P.; Yuan, J.-M.; Warholm, M.; Taioli, E.
Jul-2010Replication of lung cancer susceptibility loci at chromosomes 15q25, 5p15, and 6p21: A pooled analysis from the international lung cancer consortiumTruong, T.; Hung, R.J.; Amos, C.I.; Wu, X.; Bickeböller, H.; Rosenberger, A.; Sauter, W.; Illig, T.; Wichmann, H.-E.; Risch, A.; Dienemann, H.; Kaaks, R.; Yang, P.; Jiang, R.; Wiencke, J.K.; Wrensch, M.; Hansen, H.; Kelsey, K.T.; Matsuo, K.; Tajima, K.; Schwartz, A.G.; Wenzlaff, A.; Seow, A. ; Ying, C.; Staratschek-Jox, A.; Nürnberg, P.; Stoelben, E.; Wolf, J.; Lazarus, P.; Muscat, J.E.; Gallagher, C.J.; Zienolddiny, S.; Haugen, A.; Van Der Heijden, H.F.M.; Kiemeney, L.A.; Isla, D.; Mayordomo, J.I.; Rafnar, T.; Stefansson, K.; Zhang, Z.-F.; Chang, S.-C.; Kim, J.H.; Hong, Y.-C.; Duell, E.J.; Andrew, A.S.; Lejbkowicz, F.; Rennert, G.; Müller, H.; Brenner, H.; Le Marchand, L.; Benhamou, S.; Bouchardy, C.; Teare, M.D.; Xue, X.; McLaughlin, J.; Liu, G.; McKay, J.D.; Brennan, P.; Spitz, M.R.
May-2011Risk of second breast cancer according to estrogen receptor status and family historyBouchardy, C.; Benhamou, S.; Fioretta, G.; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Chappuis, P.O.; Neyroud-Caspar, I.; Castiglione, M.; Vinh-Hung, V.; Vlastos, G.; Rapiti, E.