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2012Bmp4 was associated with nscl/p in an asian populationChen Q.; Wang H.; Hetmanski J.B.; Zhang T.; Ruczinski I.; Schwender H.; Liang K.Y.; Fallin M.D.; Redett R.J.; Raymond G.V.; Chou Y.-H.; ChenPhilip K.-T.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Cheah F.S.H. ; Jabs E.W.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2014Evidence of gene-environment interaction for two genes on chromosome 4 and environmental tobacco smoke in controlling the risk of nonsyndromic cleft palateWu T.; Schwender H.; Ruczinski I.; Murray J.C.; Marazita M.L.; Munger R.G.; Hetmanski J.B.; Parker M.M.; Wang P.; Murray T.; Taub M.; Li S.; Redett R.J.; Fallin M.D.; Liang K.Y.; Wu-Chou Y.H.; Chong S.S. ; Yeow V.; Ye X.; Wang H.; Huang S.; Jabs E.W.; Shi B.; Wilcox A.J.; Jee S.H.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2014Joint testing of genotypic and gene-environment interaction identified novel association for BMP4 with non-syndromic CL/P in an asian population using data from an International Cleft ConsortiumChen Q.; Wang H.; Schwender H.; Zhang T.; Hetmanski J.B.; Chou Y.-H.W.; Ye X.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Zhang B.; Jabs E.W.; Parker M.M.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2012ROR2 gene is associated with risk of non-syndromic cleft palate in an Asian populationWang H.; Hetmanski J.B.; Ruczinski I.; Liang K.Y.; Daniele Fallin M.; Redett R.J.; Raymond G.V.; Wu Chou Y.-H.; Chen P.K.-T.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Cheah F.S.H. ; Jabs E.W.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.