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Oct-2003A comparison of the effects of environmental ammonia exposure on the Asian freshwater stingray Himantura signifer and the Amazonian freshwater stingray Potamotrygon motoroIp, Y.K. ; Tam, W.L.; Wong, W.P.; Loong, A.M.; Hiong, K.C.; Ballantyne, J.S.; Chew, S.F.
Sep-2008Carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism in fasting and aestivating African lungfish (Protopterus dolloi)Frick, N.T.; Bystriansky, J.S.; Ip, Y.K. ; Chew, S.F.; Ballantyne, J.S.
Mar-2010Cytochrome c oxidase is regulated by modulations in protein expression and mitochondrial membrane phospholipid composition in estivating African lungfishFrick, N.T.; Bystriansky, J.S.; Ip, Y.K. ; Chew, S.F.; Ballantyne, J.S.
May-2006Light induces an increase in the pH of and a decrease in the ammonia concentration in the extrapallial fluid of the giant clam Tridacna squamosaIp, Y.K. ; Loong, A.M.; Hiong, K.C.; Wong, W.P.; Chew, S.F.; Reddy, K. ; Sivaloganathan, B. ; Ballantyne, J.S.
Sep-2008Lipid, ketone body and oxidative metabolism in the African lungfish, Protopterus dolloi following 60 days of fasting and aestivationFrick, N.T.; Bystriansky, J.S.; Ip, Y.K. ; Chew, S.F.; Ballantyne, J.S.
Jul-2006Metabolic organization of freshwater, euryhaline, and marine elasmobranchs: Implications for the evolution of energy metabolism in sharks and raysSpeers-Roesch, B.; Ip, Y.K. ; Ballantyne, J.S.
Feb-2008Plasma non-esterified fatty acids of elasmobranchs: Comparisons of temperate and tropical species and effects of environmental salinitySpeers-Roesch, B.; Ip, Y.K. ; Ballantyne, J.S.
Mar-2006The accumulation of methylamine counteracting solutes in elasmobranchs with differing levels of urea: A comparison of marine and freshwater speciesTreberg, J.R.; Speers-Roesch, B.; Piermarini, P.M.; Ip, Y.K. ; Ballantyne, J.S.; Driedzic, W.R.
Feb-2004The giant mudskipper Periophthalmodon schlosseri facilitates active NH 4 + excretion by increasing acid excretion and decreasing NH3 permeability in the skinIp, Y.K. ; Randall, D.J.; Kok, T.K.T.; Barzaghi, C.; Wright, P.A.; Ballantyne, J.S.; Wilson, J.M.; Chew, S.F.
Sep-2003The osmotic response of the Asian freshwater stingray (Himantura signifer) to increased salinity: A comparison with marine (Taeniura lymma) and Amazonian freshwater (Potamotrygon motoro) stingraysTam, W.L.; Wong, W.P.; Loong, A.M.; Hiong, K.C.; Chew, S.F.; Ballantyne, J.S.; Ip, Y.K.